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Long time lover of MLP, and love fanfics. Enjoy writing. Quote: "Don't ask me silly questions, I wont play silly games." -Stephen King "Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey, stuff." -Doctor Who


NaNoWriMo · 7:10pm Last Thursday

I wish to extend my deepest apologies. Starting on November first, 13 days from now, I will be embarking upon a massive challenge. I am going to to give NaNoWriMo a go. I have a story idea, I’ve had it for some time. I’m going to be spending part of the next two weeks doing planning. Come Nov. 1, I will be writing every day.

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Things I enjoyed

  • Whom the Princesses Would Destroy... Behind the scenes of a perfectly normal visit to Canterlot lies chaos. Also, custard. by GhostOfHeraclitus 19,758 words · 36,429 views · 2,683 likes · 39 dislikes
  • In Memory Of Dear Princess Celestia, I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. Things seem to be falling through the cracks lately. Spike thinks I should go see the doctor, but... by Obselescence 7,186 words · 32,190 views · 3,221 likes · 47 dislikes
  • Touch Me, Please, Don't Touch Me Twilight calls for help. Unfortunately, it comes. by Dubs Rewatcher 2,083 words · 1,796 views · 191 likes · 18 dislikes
  • Luna's Night Luna is ready to become princess of the night again, but fears her subjects don't care. by Deflare 5,594 words · 3,242 views · 235 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Bright Eyes Twilight learns to change how she approaches her daily life. by Agent Bookfort 31,104 words · 13,506 views · 1,276 likes · 20 dislikes

My best

  • 8th Treble Octavia has finally found Vinyl. But is it to late? by Slateblu1 4,174 words · 1,594 views · 75 likes · 3 dislikes
  • A Techie's Memories When those close to us are lost, it's good to remember the times we shared with them. by Slateblu1 6,318 words · 338 views · 11 likes · 0 dislikes
  • Stargazing Together Luna's mind is fractured, broken. If she is going to return as a princess of Equestria, she needs time to heal, as much as she can. But who is going to help her heal, and who will she be at the end of it all? by Slateblu1 28,823 words · 2,209 views · 137 likes · 11 dislikes
  • In the Office of Death Death has an office. He does work there. by Slateblu1 3,307 words · 2,345 views · 150 likes · 10 dislikes
  • Twilight Needs Glasses Princess Twilight needs glasses. She's only now finding out after meeting her human counterpart. by Slateblu1 1,627 words · 4,149 views · 619 likes · 19 dislikes

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I ship Sunset with SciTwi. 100%. But your title and description were enough to get me interested, so I gave it a read. I greatly enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for adding Rule of Three to your shelf!

I've certainly considered doing more with it, I just haven't figured out what. Though right now I'm mostly working on Stargazing Together. The other things I've wirtten lately have just served as shirt distractions so I can feel refreshed.

Alot of readers on the sunset one feel as if it can become a arc 2508951

Well, I'm glad you liked them. Or as much as you can enjoy the sunset story...
Again, thank you for the kind words. They mean a lot to me.

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