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Twilight and Luna are best poni. Therefore, TwiLuna is best ship.


Luna on The Moon: 12,335 words
Luna's solitude on the moon is interrupted when she finds a buried city with a sole survivor.
HiE, Dark, Mystery, Thriller

Stories of a Ghost: 130,178 words
A human man creates a machine that kills his world, leaving him a shadow of his former self. Yet the death of one can lead to life for another...
Sad, Slice of Life, Adventure

Untitled Changing Fic: Staging
The day he would finally complete his life's work, a man is hit by a truck and sent to the dying body of Queen Chrysalis. Will he be able to change this half dead race from a parasitic boogeyman living in the shadow to a true civilization?

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Thanks very much for the fave.

Thank you for faving Of Flame and Shadow.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on "Hidden Desires."


Thanks for the fave on Her Majesty's Royal Guard! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for adding Soldier of Magic to your Favorites. :twilightsmile:

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