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This a group for Twiluna Authors and Readers to get together and motivate the ever living crap outta each other. The point is to get those ideas flowing and keyboards typing towards the next chapter. Cheer on the flagging, inspire the blocked, motivate the storytellers.

If you're a writer that's lagging on updates or revisions, this group is for you.

If you are a writer that has the BLOCK bad, and could use some encouragement, then this is the right group for you.

If you are a writer that's gotten stuck and could use a sounding board to bounce ideas off, you've come to the right place.

If you are a reader and hunger for an update of your fave "incomplete" fic, then this is your pulpit to shout from and motivate that writer.

If you are a reader with a good idea for a story and want to drop pearls of inspiration, then this is the group for you.

If you are a reader that wants to bridge the gap to writer, and want to get to see the behind the scenes of other writers, then you are in the right place.

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Halp motivate. :pinkiecrazy:

Quick, give me motivation, running low :pinkiecrazy:

290109 I see, too bad "Luna the Matchmaker" is finished, except for some revising work I may do later on

290033 You go make a thread for your story, and then people hassle you to finish it.

I was told I should come here so, how exactly does this work?

Ok. Just wanted to ask how this works haha. I was referred by a friend of mine to this group as I am working on a TwiLuna Adventure Fic. So what should I do here lol? Sorry to be so ignorant...

If you write a TwiLuna story then I will probably comment on it at some point cause I love this paring :heart::twilightsmile: so much.


I could change the name, lol. But...... I feel that might send the wrong message. Since we sorta want to get our fics completed, right?

Is it possible to rename this group? Quillsaga came up with Twiluna Procrastination Nation. I kinda like it.


Found it. :P

Takayuki Aoi.
Or is it Aoi Takayuki? I don't know.

Sadly, I don't currently have an artist name. I found it on :derpyderp2:Derpibooru:derpyderp1: a few days ago. If I figure that out, I will let you know.

We should try and get more people in this group. If anyone knows someone writing a Twiluna story, hit them up. I'm gonna go bother Quillsaga and Cast-Iron Caryatid and try to get them to join.

woo first normal pony to join the group

Fuzzy, do you have a source for that pic? I'd love to know who drew it.

Ok everypony, listen up! Tuesdays will be our Writer Check In day.

Try to get in as close to Tuesday as you can.

Make a thread on the message board with your FimFiction handle and the story you are working on. Even if you haven't made any progress, let us know so we can cheer you on!

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