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Ouch, right in the fanon · 11:08am Nov 24th, 2013

Honestly though (and keeping this post spoiler free for those who haven't watched the new episode yet), I think they did an excellent job on the backstory. It had everything that should have been there. Overall, an excellent start to the new season.

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Just finished re-reading Aurora. Dunno if you'll ever log in again to see this, but you're one of my favorites. Hope you're doing well!

I think you should remove the Sex and Gore tags from Aurora. Yes, technically sex is hinted at and there is bloodshed, but those tags are more appropriate for stories with a lot more sex and gore. I wouldn't want anyone to miss this story because of those tags.

2068770 Thanks for letting me know. I'll happily read anything you write.

2068668 Thanks for saying so. I have been writing recently, but not pony related stuff. In all honesty, I think I'm probably done writing fanfics. But if I ever actually finish a story and get it published, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

You're probably my favourite writer in the entire fandom and I'd love to see you keep writing you ever feel up to it.

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