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TwiDash it explains itself the best ship ever.... I like cookies! And the fact that you can change your name... Sickening

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Well Hello Everypony

You probably do not remember me, but after a three year ban, i am back. I cannot wait to get back to work on my writings and what not. Anyhow, hello how are you all?

With huge thanks to Knighty
~ TwiDash

1187385 I spend a good deal of time with some site admins here and you tend to pick up this sort of information over time.:derpytongue2:

That and I got banned myself once.:facehoof:

Somehow I didn't notice it was an alt account. I must be super unobservant...

Thank you for the explanation! It cleared it all up very well.

1187094 Depends on the ban. There are simple account bans, which lock out access to a specific account from any device, for whatever duration the admin gives it.

IP bans are different in that they will track both the devices and IP addresses that an account has accessed, and prevents access to ANY account on that IP address. IP bans are often done in conjunction with an account ban.

The idea of banning is to deny the person being banned all the features of having an account. They cannot comment, vote, post stories, favorite or track stories, join groups, etc. And they lose access to their account and whatever was on it. In the case of an IP ban, they will be unable to ever create an account on their IP address without an admin reversing the ban.

Sometimes, when a person's account has received a permanent ban, they will make an alternate account. A smart person will realize what they did to screw up and avoid doing it in the future, and try to eke out an existence on the site with a new identity. Unless they continue to behave badly, admins are more likely than not to just let the alt account go unmolested.

Then there's people like TwiDash, who do everything in their power to make sure that EVERYBODY knows that they're trying to circumvent their ban, because it's all the admin's fault and they're picking on him and he's just an innocent victim. They failed to follow the basic rules of the site and when punished, failed to rectify their behavior or instigated more wrongdoing in a different form. When a banned person acts like this, they're much more likely to get hit with the IP banhammer, and their IP will be under much more scrutiny by the admins.

It looks like he can still post comments while being banned,

Those comments were either posted prior to his banning, or were posted by the alt account "TwiDash is back" which has the same avatar picture. He cannot comment or edit comments when banned.

Edit: I forgot to mention, in all but the most extreme circumstances the admins offer a chance to appeal a ban. If the banned person behaves like TwiDash did, and says its all the admins fault and they're picking on him, they'll likely take that as "he is declining his appeal, the ban is permanent/will continue for the full duration".

What does a ban on this site even mean? It looks like he can still post comments while being banned, and you don't need an account on this site in order to read fiction.

If there's one thing to say about the site's mods, It's that theyre fair and reasonable people.

If you got banned, you probably deserved it. Whining about mods "trolling" you and making obvious alt accounts only makes you look like an immature kid who can't take responsibility for his actions.

If you keep trying to circumvent your ban, you WILL receive an IP ban, which will prevent any account from being made on your internet IP address. If they haven't done that already.

If you know what's good for you, you'll stop whining, make amends, and either wait for your ban to end or start anew with a different account and leave this one behind.

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1180557 I'm kinda already writing something else, and having enough issues with procrastination as it is. So no, probably not anytime soon.

Yay! aside from that google docs thing that I need one more person for I might have a story (that will be constantly updated hopefully) submitted in the site!

Hey I have a question. If I let you, electric brony, and maxxxxxx write a story in google docs would you do it?

1180553 sounds like a good time

Great! Now I just need one more. I think I know who. 'Proceeds to creepily smirk'

1180525 a collaboration? Sure, that sounds like a fun time

Hey what would you say if I let you and two other people on a google docs to make a story. Would you do it?

Alright we have one we need two more
1. Electric brony

Hey people I have a question what if I let a select 3 of you onto a google docs to write a story for my page who would want to do that?

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