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*13.03.2015: Final Announcement.

I'm not interested to be part of this community anymore.

I'll still enjoy MLP a lot and write stories about little horses that aim to teach important aspects of friendship to others.

Sadly, as it had come to my attention (again), many people around here don't value any of them, but just seek for a a group of other people they somehow can fit into and use to bash and backstab onto others; and once they feel jokes being said where they're not on the side of the laughter, turn really ugly.

I, in fact, successfully ignored this for way too long, and perhaps also got drawn into their system. If that was the case, I want to hereby sincerely apologize for it.

That being said, people calling out a girl who's pregnant in seventh month as "fat and ugly", play the evil nazi flag because of someone's origin, make obnoxious jokes about young mothers beating their kids or cheer about any of that should not think about it, but just commit suicide.

P.S.: Oh hey, I just noticed, today's my two-year-jubilee on small-horse-community. Suck it.