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Where you put all your Hunger Games fics.

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Hunger Games = BEST. MOVIE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I volunteer as tribute.

369313 oh, to bad. It sounded like a good idea, though.:pinkiehappy:

369307 I gave up on that story a long time ago, sorry.

Name: Jill Jewel
Mane: Three colors, Marron, red-orange, and white. Flat and straight
Skin: White
Cutie mark: Necklace with a ruby heart gem in the middle and 3 smaller rubies on either side of the heart, all in red.
Gender; female
Race:(added this one so you knew) unicorn
Personality: Kind and caring, but fierce when loved ones are threatened. Loves fashion and friends. Very positive all the time. Hates death.
Negative: Scared of death/ stronger ponies, confidence Issues, depression
Positive: Very positive even when things are bad, protective, smart, good with a bow:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

my "story" is at pastbin (mlp characters=hunger games characters)

362199 Hey! You should check out some of the stories! They all need good Support from new people! :pinkiehappy:

Omg I just found the best group ever! A combo of the best movie and show! Yay! The hunger deans! (BajanCandian reference) survive on people and be awesome!:yay::moustache::eeyup::ajsmug:

357691 You should make a thread for people to put their OCs in

I need OC's for the sequel to The Canterlot Games.
Fill out this form and i will chose the tributes.

Mane Color and style:
Skin color:
Cutie mark:
Negative things about you:
Positive things about you:

354964 Woah! Its so cool! :pinkiehappy: This was fun.

354949 :pinkiegasp: It's beautiful!!!
I also finished yours too!

354936 Yeah she does, again I was too lazy... but yeah. Its blue then green-blue then blue again, like the color pattern with yours. And its shortish. And I don't care what you do for the background

354929 just what ever is fine, and Actually I was just about to ask the same for you :derpytongue2:~ Also, Does your OC have a tail? I've come across some designs where their OC wdoesn't have a tail, so I don't want to draw one and then realize she doesn't have one :twilightoops:

354919 Heeeeyyyy, what background would you want for yur pony?

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