Here at this group, we will share ideas and thoughts. We will read the works of those who are already good. We will show common sense in what we do. (uncommon sense is fine too) We will have fun with our writing. We will help others who are not yet up to our levels.

We will start out here like we are- people who need writing help, half-decent authors, people who could use some tips, not very good authors, people who have problems with their writing, and many other types of people. We will work to change these and become better at writing.

Here we aren't just going to become better writers; we are going to conquer our writing problems and become the best dang writers we can be.

This is a group for those who are lazy. Here we will kill that. You'll thank us later.

We are going to become good writers here, and nothing is going to stop us, right? That's right.

This is group for killing any form of writer's block. I don't care if your writing sucks. At least you're writing. First write, then you can worry about improvements.

In this group I, and you if you choose to join, will go from where we are, to a place of greatness. Ok? Any objections?

Also, if you want to improve any skills that are often needed on this site- editing, proofreading, extreme parachuting, yard mowing, bowling with babies, and other important skills, then this is the group for you.

I know I want to become a "good" writer. I even want people to see my work and like it. I made this group to try and help people like me who are done pretending to be satisfied with mediocre work.

You will become better here.

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Hope no one minds, but we needed a first story, and no one had done it yet...



Nah, I just haven't made any yet. I'll get on it.

...I sense an undeniable lack of folders for stories.

Was that your intention, or...?


Wow, I'm just now seeing that. I'll read it!

First comment!:pinkiecrazy:

No but seriously, I got this story here, War of Harmony and I would value at least one good comment on what I'm either doing right or wrong.

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