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A whisper in the wind, smoke from a long gone fire.

What Am I Up To?

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I'm baaaaaack.

Check out my latest blog post for more info.

Much obliged. cx


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Favorite Quotes

"Writing a story's like telling a good lie." [source]

"You disgust me." [source]

"I would have to agree on the idiots that seem to make up the majority of this fandom. You kind of need to dig to find the diamond in the landmine field." [source]

This quote is a bit too long to be listed here, so the link to it is in the source. [source]

"Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuge; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuge, till the storms of destruction pass by." [Psalms 57:1]


That man behind the mask... who is he?

Good day! Seems you've taken the time to read this lovely bit of info on yours truly! Thanks for your time.

Since lists always get the job done, and done right, here's a lovely little color coded one complete with separator line! Enjoy!

Name: My friends have called me all kinds of names. Some of my favorites are Cry, Celes(tial), and Beyond (inevitably). Call me whatever you like. I answer to a lot of names.

Age: Sixteen, thank you.

Gender: I am male.

Time Zone: Eastern. I've never seen the Pacific Ocean in my life.

Inspiration: Taking this generally, I get my inspiration for writing from philosophical, controversial concepts. Death, afterlife, altering reality, and mostly fantasy. I don't think I've ever written nonfiction. But hey, it's not called FimNonfiction, is it now?

Steam: Better believe I have a Steam. Add me if you'd like to. Just make sure I know who you are first. That'd be a bit helpful.

Favorite Book: The Once and Future King by T. H. White. Awesome book.

Favorite FimFic: Still looking.

Favorite T.V. Series: I HAVE NO IDEA! (That's sarcasm)

Second Favorite T.V. Series: Doctor Who.

Favorite Youtube Channel:

How I Found MLP: Three years ago, I was an absolute stone. I had no emotions, and I went with whatever happened to me. Never smiled. Never laughed.

Still don't know what the heck was wrong with me.

So, anyway, I had very few friends. One of them, though, came into gym class one day wearing this. No one said a word about it. I'd heard of MLP beforehand, and the cult of older people who liked it, and always passed that off as an anomaly. I remember, distinctly, looking back at these "bronies" and swearing I'd never be there.


Anyway, I, of all people, asked him what the heck he was doing wearing a shirt like that. His response was a paragraph. He explained his love for Fluttershy, his love for the show, and an incredibly persuasive argument for me to go home and watch episode 1, season 1.

And you know what? I laughed. Right to his face. And he stood there, staring at me without hate, or even disapproval. He just looked at me, with a sort of predicting look.

When I went home that night, I couldn't sleep. So I pulled out my Kindle Fire, and looked up, cringing, "My Little Pony, Episode 1".

And here I am.

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