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Midnight Sonare

In the rays of the sun I am longing for the darkness

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Hello Everypony!!!

I'm Midnight Sonare, but you can call me Sonare, if you want.

I am a solitary mare that walk through the world looking for fun. Sometimes I can be very shy and quiet, but I'm also a very good listener. I'm often worried about saying or doing the wrong things for fear of rejection (I've been rejected before). That's why sometimes it takes a while to me to respond some messages and comments. I'm a good and loyal friend. I'm also a little crazy and I like doing random things but it is difficult to show this part of me so easily.

Regarding the writing, I'm just an amateur writer who writes for fun. I also love to draw. If you need a drawing for something, just ask me, if I have time I could try to do it.

Something curious, I made the Pony Personality Test one month after I became a brony. Then I made the test again one year later, the result was completely diferent.
Old test result.

I have two main goals in my life:

1) I want to be a good Computer Animator and make amazing shows like MLP

2) I want to be a famous musician and have a great band (I play the bass guitar)

My favorite ponies:

-- Princess Luna - Fluttershy

-- Sweetie Belle

--Sunset Shimmer
Not a pony anymore, but who cares!

-- Applejack - Rarity

-- Trixie - Maud

-- Twilight Sparkle

My favourite Shippings:

1) FlutterDash (Because i think they are the most compatible pair and the most close to canon)

2) RariJack

3) TwiDash

Oh and btw, if you like pony art take a look at my deviantart page, MidnightSonare. I'm still a beginner but take a look at my drawings.

Well, I think that's enough of me. I hope you can enjoy the stories I write in the same way that I enjoy writing them.

Some of my artwork

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How have you been? We haven't talked in a while and I was concerned...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

2318387 Ah okay then. Good luck! :pinkiehappy:

Really busy with college :fluttercry:
Hopefully next week I'll be better after the final tests.

How've you been?

Glad you liked Actually, I'm Dead, thanks for reading. Since I'm always interested in my readers' opinions, I would like to know yours too.

Hiyah! Thanks so much for the favorite on Don't Remind Me, it means a lot to me that you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for the favourite on To Be the Candle! :pinkiehappy:

A big thanks for adding Blood Curse Boutique to a bookshelf of yours my dear.

Any news on the long version of Vacant? Its been a while since i heard anything about it.

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