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Note here, not much to say other than I love to write. My dyslexia is a huge obstacle when it comes to that, but I still enjoy sharing my stories, especially about King Sombra, my favorite villain!


A three arced story that begins slowly as partially Comedy and Slice of life and rotates more towards Adventure and Dark in later chapters.

Some school fillies have to deal with school crushes. Others with bullies. Sometimes they have to deal with both. But no filly has ever had to deal with an Evil Tyrant being bound to their shadow and have the power to control their every action. This, of course, seems to be no big deal for Sweetie Belle who seems to even enjoy the stallion's company. Though the feelings aren't mutual. The small filly reminds the old king too much of a filly he used to know... Though it's strange the only place he'd seen her before are in these strange dreams of his. Recollections of a past he can't remember.

Perhaps Sweetie Belle will awake in him that version of himself before he was a Tyrant. Before he was labeled evil. A time from when he was a father. Perhaps she will help him forgive.

First featured on 9/4/2014!

The cover art was sketched by me and colored by the very talented Midnight Sonare

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Another Sombra story. This concept of Sombra as a familiar fir Sweetie Belle seems interesting. BTW, will this be a long story?

4936710 Shouldn't be terribly long. Definitely not as long as Shadow's Enigma.

This looks like it will be an interesting story

Sounds like something I can get behind, look forward to my breaks tonight!

This is fantastic! I could see this as an episode in the show! Sweetie Belle "Say you're sorry!" :rainbowlaugh:

The concept seems like it could be fun,, but I only wish that the CMC don't abuse Sweetie's absolute control over him. Even if it's "funny" it's pretty much still mind rape. Remember the Imperio scene from Harry Potter? Mind magic is evil shit.

Yes. I have found another Sombra lover who writes excellent stories. It is hard to find others these days. We shall get along quite nicely. :pinkiecrazy:

Well this looks like the stat of an interesting story.

And wait a second. It looks like the tags changed from comedy to tragedy and sad while I was reading it. Hmmm...Well, this leaves me a bit less interested in the story, but I think I'll still keep an eye on it.

4941574 Yeah, I was messing with the tags looking for the combination that most accurately portrays the story but I think I messed up on it. It is supposed to be a comedy, but there are some sad bits too, and I can't have both tags on, so I just gave up half way and let it hang, ended up not reverting the tags back.

My bad :twilightblush:

I look forward to Sweetie introducing DT and Silvy to her new friend.

DT: Blank flank!
Sweetie: Sombra come out!
Sombra: This is really starting to make me nauseous.
Sweetie: Diamond is bullying me! Do something!
Sombra: *pushes Diamond into the mud* Can I go now?

Sweetie Belle is going to have an interesting presentation day.

I just love the idea of Sombra pushing a schoolyard bully into the mud and then declaring he is the most Evil thing to walk the planet.
He also sounds like what Jafar would be as a genie.

God damn it Sweetie Belle.:facehoof:

I can tell this is going to be fun.:pinkiehappy:

This earns a like. Lots of potential and quite funny. Ignore the one downvote; you've got a good thing here.

Sombra studied the small filly as she continued to mess with his features, mostly his long mane.

"I really like his MANE!"


It's either that or him freezing Cheerilee in carbonite and conquering the class room.

Sombra: "I'm King Sombra and I will be your substitute teacher! Today, we're going to cover the basic principles of conquest, tyranny, and excessively long flights of stairs."
AB: "Psst. Scoots, Sweetie! Why does Diamond Tiara look like she's in love?"

"I have no idea who she would be able to get a necormancy spell out of that."

Replace with how, I think?. :twilightsmile:

Sidenote: The comedy tag. This is beginning to show signs of deserving the comedy tag. :pinkiehappy:

4946971 sorry about that, i proof read I swear, my dyslexia just didn't let me catch that mistake :twilightblush:

"Now class, there are many way to deter your enemies from pursuing you or breaking into your cookie stash, such as trained Manticores, trap doors on the floors that lead to lava pits with spikes shooting out of the walls, for pegasi and unicorns of course. Good villains don't discriminate, unless that's their shtick of course. There is also the Spinning Tops of Doom(tm) that shoot lasers and flamethrowers, and finally, and most deadly, are the really, really long flights of stairs."

I can't wait to see where this goes! An absolutely excellent chapter. I wondered what Sombra would be like with Sweetie at school until I read the comment section and laughed my guts out. This is going to be fun, I can absolutely tell. :pinkiehappy:

"What exactly were you doing before King Sombra appeared in your room?"
"Reading off a spell book I got from Twilight's library."

No hesitation. Just... statement...:facehoof:

I bury my hands into my face at the pure Sweetie Belle answer you just wrote author.:facehoof:

That's just so... her...:facehoof:

Oh, I expected her to be sacrificing a goat to satan, but reading a book will do.

Damn, never seen this idea before. This is great! :pinkiegasp:

The class will sure as hell never forget this presentation.

PLEASE let Sweetie Belle's special talent be Necromancy!

That is one way to get out of school.

Well. At least he's honest.

And hey, he has the 'She made me do it' card to fall back on!

If I had a dollar for how many times I wanted a Unicorn to break my school so I could leave early, I'd be a Canterlot noble!

MORE!! I need more!!

4955574 Too bad MY school didn't have a brass bell like that...:fluttercry:

4955631 ...........................:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

And suddenly I'm realizing how brilliant that excuse is now in this story......:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

4955649 What IS the conversion rate for Dollars to Bits anyway?:rainbowhuh:


Given that bits seem to be gold and large enough to be in the one ounce range..

1 bit to 1,319.67 USD

4955693 I'd assume a lot since they're pretty much gold coins

I wish that happened at my school.:rainbowlaugh:

Well, they use precious gems to pay for one evening of pet sitting, so why not $2,600 for three tomatoes?

Nice new cover art!

4955847 dem must be some amazing tomatoes :pinkiegasp:
1 bit! :pinkiehappy:

4955693 about fourteen hundred bits for a dollar.

i got bullied most of my life, so seein this happen just fills my heart wih joy
4955765 no, you think you do, but you dont.
people would be hurt or killed, it would skyrocket local taxes in order to get the school fixed. and if it damaged the building so muh that it was deemed unsafe youd just go to another school father away
or be home schooled, and would put dozens of people into un employment
not to mention it would screw up the entire districts school system, possibly ruining any atempt at succes for nearly hundreds of children.
it would be an economic travesty that coild take atleast a decade, if not more, to fully repair

4955861 Thanks! But really it's all because of Sonare!

Sombra is really bad at explaining himself.

For a moment I thought Sombras was going to possess Sweetie Belle and he was going to do the presentation. :rainbowlaugh:
I wonder if Sombra knows that if Sweetie Belle dies he will probably die (again) with her.

I just have one thing to say about this story:
I'm going to need more popcorn!

Haha, ah, somehow all the more sweeter, and love the fun buyer beware here.

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