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This story is a sequel to The Umbra King

All is well in Ponyville. At least, that's what everypony says. One by one the residents of Ponyville begin acting strangely, calling into question the feeling of dread Rarity just can't seem to shake. A dark presence has slithered its way into Ponyville... one Rarity is sure she's felt before...

Will she be able to save her friends in time before its too late? Will the pony she fell for return, like in all her dreams? Only time will tell and she's quickly running out of it.

(Artwork [with permission] from NastyLady on deviantart)

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 84 )

Yay! The story continues :)

The sequel so FAST!? :pinkiegasp:
Can't be happier. :pinkiecrazy:

Now I have to wonder if Rarity knew at some moment during the timeskip that it was Spike fear and despair the direct cause of Sombra snapping and going all evil in the last arc of the first story.:duck:

I had a lot of free time on my hands over the week. :yay:

Plot thickens. Great job as usual with keeping everyone in character, especially Discord. A spiked baby rattle XD

As expected, Discord and Pinkie are hard to read, can't say if they are being affected by this "closing darkness" or just being their usual (relatively insensitive) selves.:unsuresweetie:

Okay this chapter isn't creepy at all...
Can't wait for the next one !

Oh man, punch to the guts to know that Sweetie Belle still has no cutie mark :raritydespair: but I suppose the perspective of seeing/reading the exact moment when she gets her mark in the fic instead of being time skipped should be all the better at the end of the day.

And while all your chapters are around 2,000 words, I am always finding myself reaching the end before I notice, and leaving me with even more hunger for more.:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks guys - it's totally worth it all to read your feedback! Hopefully you guys enjoy the rest. :raritywink:

Wow, pretty freaky chapter. Especially the staring ponies from the windows...

I am equally freaked and excited to see what comes next...I am so freakcited :pinkiecrazy:

Spike is Sweetie Belle's dragon in shining armor!

Sorry I haven't been able to review, I got caught up at work. Nice Premise. I adore Rarity's twins. and looking forward to more.

Wow, Spike really has come a long way since his days of being a scaredy kitty all the time two years ago in the prequel. Not bad Spike, not bad at all :ajsmug:

Come back to us m'lord.

Wow, didn't think this would be better than the first story but it is! Awesome job so far!

Wow, this is getting darker by the minute.:raritycry:

But I fear nothing, because the King is finally coming back for the next chapter to save the day and her damsel :yay:

I had a feeling it was queen chrylisis. It's hard not to feel terrible for Sombra!

I also can't help but feel sorry for the changelings. Sure, their queen is a power hungry dictator that loves to reveal every plan to her foes right before she succeeds, but she does have a point of them being shunned by society. The changelings may seem cruel but they are only following orders and doing only what they know to survive.

But but...*spoiler* and the *spoilers* are not in the character tags! Is that even legal?:applejackconfused:

Kidding aside, this was a disheartening blow, what little remains of poor Sombra is being sucked dry, this can't get worse :raritydespair:

...but again, the royal evil pairing is also a good ol favorite... :trollestia:

Shh! I didn't put them in the tags because I didn't want to give away! (It's our little secret) :trollestia:

Here's what Opal would say about this part of the story:

Fantastic chapter, I almost feel bad for the poor queenie, her control over Sombra seems even flimsier than what she did with Shining Armor, she needs to work on her Rarity impression, not taking into account her "own" sister seemed like a novice mistake. :duck:

Geeze, you love drama don't you?
Again another great chapter. :)

I wouldn't say I love drama - I would say I love things to be intense. I love me some good dilemmas and villains and character interactions. :trollestia:

I do enjoy Sweetie Belle in the story. It's cute how she calls herself big sis to the twins. :)

Well, that was a cutie mark worth of the long wait no doubt, I highly doubt Scoots or Babs saved a life while getting their CM .:raritywink:

And it seems our dear Umbra Queen didn't learn from her previous invasion, she keeps setting up caves with potentially dangerous prisoners able to find each other. :facehoof:

Haha - next chapter characters talk about that very same thing. :rainbowkiss:

Whoa... Is all I can say for this chapter. You write spike rather well too!

Finaly caught up with the story. Dude, your getting better and better.

Thanks! Hopefully you're still enjoying. :rainbowkiss:

Reading the daily chapter of this great story is the high point of the day...(MASSIVE OFFTOPIC ALERT) particularly today that my country got out of the World Cup :applecry:

Anyway, back on topic, I second Spike about the changeling name, hilarious and lame.:rainbowlaugh:

Um, there is one thing that seems to not give me some peace. And it's perhaps a minor plot hole. Why doesn't great queen Chrysalis know that Sweetie Belle is Rarities sister? Had Sombra had a bit more brain left, Chrysalis would be in big trouble.
Don't know why this keeps bothering me:rainbowhuh:.

Do you want me to tell you or would you rather wait for it to be explained in the story? (I don't mind telling you, but some people hate spoilers :rainbowderp: [though it is a very tiny spoiler])

4620149 As usual. I'l wait for the story to tell me. If it's part of the story then I would prefer to not know just yet. Don't want to spoil anything for myself.

Okay, I felt bad for the changelings but when they were running and screaming in circles in the cave with rarity and fluttershy just standing and staring was a riot XD

Silly Fluttershy feeling bad for the workers but not willing to lend her property to them.:duck:

It brings me back to the very first chapters of this whole saga, how Twilight was the origin of the Sombra reform project only to be surpassed by a far more dedicated Rarity when it came to actually doing something with actual meaning for him. :raritywink:

Speaking of the first part, It all feels so long ago from now, but it was actually less than a month ago that we received it :pinkiegasp: You are truly amazing Cloth, a fantastic job.

It was nothin'. :twilightsheepish:
And thank you for all the feedback! I always look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of the latest chapter! :rainbowkiss:

Pinkie playing in the gooey puddles XD

Another great chapter. :)

Just noticed that Ecdysis is a male :raritydespair:

Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact, I don't even know if there are females aside from the queen on the changeling race. But I would had loved some slight hints of the fake Fluttershy growing romantic one sided feelings for Discord. :fluttershysad:

At any rate, totally hyped for the climax, this is getting better and better :pinkiehappy:

Cootie may be a silly name but that was a really smart move though!

So much drama. Rarity to the rescue! :)

Reunited at last. :raritystarry:

The text really captured the required feeling for the moment.

I am at the stand still. I love Queen Chrysalis, but you made me love Sombrarity:heart:.

That was a heroic move on Rarity to make the queen shift back. Clever too! I feel bad for the general changeling though, he was only following orders. :(

Poor Rarity can't catch a break can't she. Every time she seems to get a hope spot at the end of a chapter, BaM, her hopes are squished.:raritydespair: Good thing the cliffhanger at the end of this chap was not during the fall itself, but for all we know the next chapter will open with the Sombra Worm chomping on her at first notice or doing some other monstrosity. :raritycry:

And hell if I am not excited to see all that delicious drama.:pinkiecrazy:

All hail Sweetie Belle, New queen of the changelings!

Finally everything works for our pure white heroine :raritywink:.

Though I wonder how he is going to take that he has two foals :twilightoops:

Wow, rarity shows everyone how brave and resilient a seamstress can be ;)

The general runs off with an unhatched queen. I see another sequel ;)

'Two surprises!'

Heh, nice way of letting Sombra know he's a papa, Rarity. XD

Sombra and Rarity heart to hearts, how I missed them. :raritystarry:

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