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Sombra never realized this would happen.
Usually a villain is suppose to be defeated, right?
So, why did he, well...win?
Even he was shocked to see the crystal heart in his hooves. Never in a thousand or so years did he think he would pull this off; that he would actually...win.
So, what will he do now? Just rule over everyone and enslave all of pony kind? Or Perhaps kill the princess and mind control that purple unicorn and her friends? Or maybe have some common sense and figure out just how he will deal with all of this in the long run? With all these questions, he knows one thing for sure.
This is going to be very awkward.

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Um, re-take control over the crystal kingdom, like had so many years ago, without fear of his one weakness stopping him? geez.

5001553 don't remind himmmm

Eeyup, I think that's how most evil villains would react, considering that their evil plans never go as planned, and are usually thwarted time and time again.

I'm SO doing a read of this with my Sombra voice!

And to not forget the whole scene.:pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:


Is it bad that I have a plan for what I would do if I conquered anything? :rainbowhuh:

you must construct additional pylons.

5002979 not at all. every evil genius has one. unless your not. then that's weird on all sorts of levels.

5003094 There's an evil genius in all of us. You just have to let him out :pinkiecrazy:


he could turn Cadence and spike into slaves.... make Cadence wear rags, have Shining armor chained to a wall to see how his wife suffers, and have spike wear a french maid outfit.


5003386 No, he needs to remember the Evil Overlord List. No matter how much fun it would be to keep Cadence and Twilight as sex slaves, the smart thing to do is to use them for taxidermy practice. :rainbowlaugh:

And then Celestia and Luna show up and shoot him in the face like last time, since they didn't need the Elements against such a weakling in the first place.

Twilight is punished for being an utter failure and Sunset Shimmer is dragged back from weird high school Earth and made the new Element of Magic, even though she's evil.


5003106 Pfft, as if. I'm shocked the majority of the people I've met can remember to keep breathing! :trollestia:

SOMBRA: Silence! Now, after 1000 years of waiting, I'm going to challenge you to a children's card game! And then I'll destroy the world!
SPIKE: Why would you want to do that?
SPIKE: What's the point in destroying the world? What do you gain from it?
SOMBRA: ...I don't understand the question.
SPIKE: Look, you must have some reason for wanting to destroy the world. Otherwise, this whole movie was just pointless bickering!
SOMBRA: Of course I have a reason!
SPIKE: Oh, goodie! Do you feel like sharing it with the class?
SOMBRA: No, it's a secret.

No, I totally didn't rip that off of Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series. Oh, and every time Sombra smiles, a puppy dies.

5002979 Not at all. I have one I've been working on since 1991.

It's about to come to fruition.

EVERYTHING is part of my Master Plan! Even the Argentine ants that keep getting into my sugar bowl! IT'S ALL PART OF THE PLAN!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

5001553 Well, except for the fact that Celestia and Luna took him down with nothing but their own power.


A thousand years is a damn long time to forget your motivations.

5003542 I never understood villains that want to destroy the world. It just seems like a waste, like you're just throwing away a planet-spanning empire and almost limitless power. But hey, that's just my opinion. :moustache:

Actually, yeah.
What would he do with the heart?

Ok, let the game begins.

I have nothing to say.
The story is not a ten out of ten, however, is not a zero.
I'm really confused, usually I found bad, and good stories, but almost never I've found something like this. Obviously is a comedy fic, that means that I can't take it so serious, maybe that is what I feel. But I really don't know. The only story that maked me felt like this was Fangs, but...
I don't know.
Here, Take a Fluttershy while I'm thinking in a review :yay:

NotARealGameReviewer-10/10: I T0T4LLY DIDN'T S33 D4T C0M1NG! (My response to this: :facehoof:)

This is really good, and I do give it a 10/10, or at least 8/10. (The review above is a joke. A bad one, but still a joke, and if anything a good stereotype.)

Good, now sir, you shall be be put in a collection of neurons to be called upon time and time again to help fill a void of scoial interaction. You should feel honored, since not many , well maybe a lot, ok , all that i come into contact with gets this honor, but still, i have 300 boxes of participation medals, and i don't know what to do with them then to give them out to good fanfic writers.

Alright guys, I'm back from studying!
So, how's my fic go.....ing....
Not gonna question it.
Just gonna write the other chapter.

How is killing them not a long term answer?

5003578 Some men just want to watch the world burn :pinkiecrazy:

using ‘the wife’ maneuver to try and stop me.” He recognized that tactic anywhere, where a husband threw a wife at a target to catch anything in mid air, and Sombra had to admit, that white unicorn truly had the arm. Unlike him.
Sombra remembered trying that once with his queen, which would explain why he doesn't have her anymore,


Oh my god, that made me laugh so hard! Thank you, thank you!


5004201 Because killing off the mane six within the first three chapters, many views does not make.

This story looks like it has ALOT of potential, but seeing as how you already have alot of "in progress" stories, I'm torn between whether I should hope you continue this story or Stories to (not) Tell Little Hatchlings

Eat the crystal heart rape the pink princess

And so it was that Sombra (KING OF THE DARK CRYSTALS!) got lessons from Twilight on the modern Equestrian world, learned from Shining Armor on how to be a good husband, got some tips from Princess Cadence on how to reconnect with his estranged Queen, and with the help from the rest of the Mane Six got the Crystal Empire to become the dominant economic force in crystal-based economic resources and products!

An impromptu visit from the CUTIE MARK CRUSADER REBELS! helped him to overcome his fear of being a father.

A stallions night out with some new buddies (Shining Armor, Bulk Biceps, Fancy Pants, Flash Sentry, Big Mac, & Spike) concluded with a strange case of noodle incident that somehow wound up with Sombra wearing socks.

Nonsense, you have to make an example of the first planet when you start your own Galactic Empire.

5004490 True, but still, it seems like a waste of valuable resources and subjects. Maybe just blow up a planet like Tatooine. Nobody will miss that place.

Or Alder-[Error 404: File Not Found]

Okay, THIS has potential. Let's see where you go with it!

He could perform upon them the ultimate humiliation of banishing them from the Crystal Empire. Forever! He could escort them to the city limits, pointing out all the sights they'll never be able to see because they've been banished forever. Naturally, this should be done in song.

I have seen exactly one series where the villain's desire to destroy the world is entirely rational and motivated by self-interest. That would be the Thomas Covenant one.

That said, I feel fairly certain that the vast majority of other world-ending-desiring villains are due to the author just wanting to the bad guy to be super duper bad.


5004364 Huh, that looks like fun. Do you have a link?

5004660 Huh, I'll have to do some research on that and see the rationale behind that.

We srsly need a scene with King Sombra dancing at AC/DC

Oh look, the dog finally caught the car :trollestia:

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