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I'm just a girl who loves the stories and for some darn reason can't get them out of my head. So I write them out to free them too the world! 'Cute, adorable happy face'


It's been nine months since the wedding in Canterlot and the changeling race was defeated and all is well. Until Queen Chrysalis returns with very surprising news.

She is nine months pregnant!

But why does she come back just because of that? Because she says one of the ponies she touched/was touched by during the wedding is the one who got her pregnant.

Changelings don't reproduce the way ponies or any other creature does. So even two females can have a baby together. So who is the daddy/other mother? Is it Shining Armor? She did have lots of contact with him. Cadance? She was the one Chrysalis captured. Twilight? Technically they did share a small amount of contact. Or... could it honestly be Princess Celestia?!

One of these four is the other parent to this unborn changeling/pony hybrid. And now they won't know who until after the foal is born. But each one is conflicted about what they will do if it is theirs.

And each one puts a little effort into trying to be nice with their possible-baby's-momma. And they get to know the Queen of changelings a little more. And there's a lot more than they thought there was...

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Oh, this is too funny to read! :rainbowlaugh:

There's only one thing I'm confused about, and that's about her reaction. Chrysalis seems a bit too calm about this...It might be intended, but for now it's just coming off as a bit confusing. Not ruining the awesome story though! A Spike Moustache for you! :moustache:

A unique take on an overdone concept. I look forward to more. And something tells me that the child is Celestia's. Because, well who knows what happened to her during the time she was trapped in that cocoon. :duck:

Please be Shining And Cadence as the parent. I mean this has comedy, might as well make a near impossible twist. :pinkiecrazy: The only way Pinkie PIe knows.

But who am I kidding, the highlight of this story is the reactions of the four possible, and very contact close, ponies Chrysalis had. I still vouch for Shining, having stayed VERY close and in the same home under hypnotism.

This is pretty cool, can't wait to read more. I will say though that you should consider making the chapters a little longer, this one felt a little too short.

Way too much twilight fanfics, why are people making so much? The obvious answer is that their foggots. David Throne would agree.
Next time make a fic of a non-shit-tier pony, or best pony (Cadence.)

This reminds me of that episode of Futurama, where Kiff gets pregnant with Leela's kids through a similar method.
SPOILER ALERT (not really because ees funneh jok) Luna's the dad. Sorry if I accidentally guessed it, you'd be surprised.

Well, this is an interesting concept, and one I don't believe I've seen done before. I'll be watching with interest.

Oooh my god, this is from Futurama isn't it?


They reproduce with DNA basically.

Looks like we're going on a bughunt. (If you catch that reference, you win a pulse rifle.)

Of course you get the reference, you're several thousand years old so you've seen them before.

But still, here you go. One pulse rifle. You're a goddess, you can take it out of the screen, right?

I haven't read this yet but the concept alone has my attention. Preparing for lolz :rainbowlaugh:

Then its luna, where do you think she was?

It bugs me when fanfic writers give the mares only 9 months, when real equines have a 12 month pregnancy. But it's a changeling, so who knows.

One of princess.

It must celestia or cadence

If you really want to throw in a dark horse (pun intended, but only a little bit) candidate, recall that Chrysalis had definite physical contact with Pinkie Pie in the episode. Rarity and Applejack may also have had incidental contact, and it does not show her with Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash. She had to do something to Lyra, Colgate, and Twinkleshine (the bridesmaids) as well.

Maybe she's just entered her final trimester.

This is pretty good, but it has some spelling and grammar issues. I recommend you find an editor from one of our fine groups.

Actually, real horses have eleven months, not twelve.
Well, that and changelings are somewhat insectoid, so they probably have shorter pregnancies. Or, like what the other person said, she still has two months left to go.

Ten bucks on it somehow being Rainbow Dash or anyone but who they think it could be.

10 bits says it's Luna from an accidental dream walk.

1.) I'll take that bet.
2.) Recently I've seen you comment somewhere on EVERY STORY I'VE BEEN TO ON THIS SITE. What is this just a thing that you must do or something? I know you're always (usually) first to comment on my story but... jez..... So yeah what's up with that? :pinkiehappy:

We obviously just have similar tastes. I'm not stalking you.

Maybe.... And yeah I know you're not stalking me. If you were then you'd probably comment on everything I did, but you don't. So yeah....

It's just weird is all. I see you everywhere.

3804633 twilight is worst pone after rainbow dash
Luna is best pony, cadence is second best pony

How many other people noticed the Futurama reference? :derpytongue2: Or was it just me? :derpyderp2:

Or maybe (Though I think doubtfully) the author came up with the idea themselves? :pinkiegasp: :trollestia:

Yeah, no. I'm sticking with the Futurama reference idea. :unsuresweetie:

One half-eaten cherrychanga on Discord.
Just imagine the adorable little hellspawn that would result from that. He'd love it.

3813303 thanks! I searched my little pony friendship is magic memes and a bunch of cute/ funny ones came up

Ermahnend so funny!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: when will next chapter come out? I CANT WAIT :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage:

20 bits says that it was Pinkie... IT'S PINKIE PIE! WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, AN ACTUAL EXPLANATION?

Please either indent the beginning of your paragraphs or insert a line break in between. It's so much easer to read that way.

I'm curious as to how you're gonna explain Changeling pregnancy.

So the basic idea of this is changeling's don't reproduce sexually though they could if they wanted to. They reproduce with DNA basically...

As opposed to what? Reproducing with hammers? Rocks perhaps?

Celestia felt vile in her throat rise,


What 3817886 said.

Let me guess, she is malnourished. The lack of love during the nine months is seriously effecting her.

INB4 too proud to come for help while he hive starved and or knows who the "father" is as of this moment.

Also, my bets on Celestia for some reason.

I didn't mention of but I KNEW you got the idea from kif

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