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My name is Eureka and I'm a young unicorn mare from Vanhoover. (The town of Vanhoover, not to be confused with Vanhoover B.C.) My cutie mark is a key and I'm very talented at figuring things out.

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Ello, Mates!

My name is Eureka, I'm a unicorn mare that likes to create things! The stories on here are my first attempts at fanfiction EVER. I've been a writer my entire life and hope to one day be published, but it is a lot easier to write stories when you're using your own characters.

I tried tragedy/dark stories first and failed miserably. [Attempting a second go, however.]
But, I discovered I'm pretty good at writing comedy, as long as you're the type that enjoys sarcasm and dry humor. That's my forte. Although, I've gotten positive comments from those that don't get/like dry humor and still had a laugh at my writing.

I'm pretty sarcastic in real life and if I weren't so shy and self-concious, I'd give being a comedienne a go. Hiding behind a computer screen seems to be a bit easier.

My first comedy story, Everypony LOVES Rainbow, started out as a sex-themed parody shipping tale. Now, it's actually branched off into a real story and it seems pretty popular. [My second one, Simply Said, was very rushed so it's currently being re-done. It'll be much funnier, I promise!

I've also been practicing at comedy writing. Which is very hard to write, especially sarcasm, as it doesn't always transfer well in text. But to those who understand it and enjoy it, Cheers.

Criticism and encouragement welcome, I'll give the same.

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Hey Eureka. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave on A Hoard of Memories. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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