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I worked at a glue factory once. Talk about your fast paste industries...


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More... something. Because something is my favorite. · 4:09am March 4th

So I was sitting in Minuette's waiting room, reading an old issue of Wonderbolts Illustrated that had come out weeks ago... you know, the one talking about how the Cubbies had finally broken Grogar's curse and won a championship after hundreds of moons? Well, anyway, there was this Mare and her foal there, likely for the same reason I was... a routine cleaning and so forth. Granted, Minuette probably isn't going to ask her why her foal hasn't gotten her wisdom teeth removed like she

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Dude the EqG Inky Rose avatar is totes adorbs. :rainbowkiss:

It sounds good, I wish I had read it... :^

Just realized that I need to replace darf's Pieces of a Grey Cloud on my list, since the story no longer exists...

Wow, a lot of your favourites are my favourites too! :twilightsmile:

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