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Only a fool is positive... · 4:01am January 3rd

I played by their rules. I masked up, I got 'fully vaxxed' and got the booster. Didn't even go to any New Years' events because I was experiencing what I thought were side effects from the aforementioned booster, in spite of being assured by the online Powers That Be that side effects are not transmissible. A negative test on 12/27 and a second on 12/31 should have assuaged any fears.

After 3 days of a fever that doesn't want to go away, the pink line on the self test shows up today.

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Haven't updated my avatar in almost two years... figured I'd do the Hearth's Warming thing this year.


Dude the EqG Inky Rose avatar is totes adorbs. :rainbowkiss:

It sounds good, I wish I had read it... :^

Just realized that I need to replace darf's Pieces of a Grey Cloud on my list, since the story no longer exists...

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