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Have what you think is a good idea for a story, but don't have the time/writing skill to make that idea into a reality? Well then this is the place for you! Just leave your ideas here and maybe somebody will think it's good and make a story out of it, the only thing you have to lose is roughly two minutes so why not!?

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A twist on the idea of Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria, to find out that she has ascended while in the human world. Sunset ascended during her confrontation with Sci-Twi during the Friendship Games, but when Twilight accepted Sunset's offered hand, the two accidentally forged a warlock/patron contract, Dungeons & Dragons style. The warlock powers remained dormant in Twilight until some event led her and Sunset to Equestria, where they awakened. Maybe have a story involving Sci-Twi and Sunset learning how their new relationship came about, and just what that now means for them.

You had me at Idea in the title. I'M IN!!

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted March 12th

Anyone know about the chronopolis story from LEGO marvel superheroes 2? I’m thinking, what if someone were to adapt the story so that it’s still has all the marvel locations and events in the game, but also adding locations and characters from other franchises also being thrown into chronopolis by Kang and each location can have its own “level” as well. I got the inspiration from those welcome to chronopolis images I found on deviantart. Take a look at them if you want to get a better idea what I’m suggesting.
To make a basic checklist of my idea:
-keep the locations/stories in said locations/overall plot of LEGO marvel superheroes 2
-have it so Kang also throws in locations from other non marvel franchises, preferably as many franchises as possible and maybe stick to one or two locations per franchise, just make sure we understand where they are located in chronopolis, an artist could probably draw it up
-Have it so that a fair amount of the cross franchise characters are just as involved in the main plot as the avengers themselves, obviously the main 6 are going to be some of them.
- Please NO SHIPPING it will just make it weird
- Make sure that each new location has its own adventure, like how they do it in the game. Try to obliviously justify why they go, fortunately the game already has several areas in the plot that are perfect to add them in, like perhaps they need something extra to track down the nexus shards along with Thor getting Heimdall in Asgard and strange searching his sanctum. and of course you have it so there are a lot more than 5 shards to find and maybe force a few detours like in the game.
- try to have it so that some of the added characters are involved in the adventures that are from the game to keep them fresh.
-make sure to do your research about the different franchises so things stay accurate for fans.
- this is a big one, please make sure you can write the characters like they would naturally act in the situations they come across
- I’ll leave it up to you on if you should add the x men/ fantastic 4 stuff and if the characters are LEGO or not
-remember to write the battles well too, they are important
-I want this version of the story to be like if it was made by Tt themselves
Good luck

393510 the filly's name.....Scootaloo!:twistnerd:

Hey, I have an idea for a story that I think would be amazing. I am an editor so I can't really write stories.

The story is about how Rainbow Dash prior to Twilight Sparkle arriving in Ponyville had had a filly, born from rape, heat, or a drunk night out. The child disappeared about 4 months prior to Twilight's arrival, and only fluttershy knew about it. About a year after, though, she finds her child. She takes her back and continues to raise her. The rest of the story is Rainbow's challenges with Parenthood.

I thinky whoever may use this idea may change it however they want other than 3 simple rules.
1. No anthro or furries
2. No OCs unless it is the filly itself or a husband later in life
3. No shipping (Like applejack and rarity or fluttershy and rainbow dash)

Also please message me the link and I would be greatful if you let me be your editor.

Thank you, EldunarIan.

Phoebe and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils are in Equestria. How or why is up to you. Hilarious shenanigans occur. One question to ponder is, would the Shield of Boringness affect Equestrians?

Here is an idea someone else can make.Luna vs Button Mash in Colt of Duty.Both characters troll each other only to question who they are for a good couple of rounds.Hope you like.

I have an idea that is pretty much gift wrapped from Bethesda. In elder scrolls lore there is a race known as the Dwemer or deep elves (look up the lore) who completely disappear from the world without a trace, just their creations remain. Hmmm where could they be? my guess would be that the dwemer trying to ascend into immortality through Numidium, somewhat peeved the current gods of the era, so to punish them the gods of the realm scattered the dwemer race throughout the multiverse where other gods (or alicorns) must now deal with them outside of the sight of the Nine.
Anyone who thinks this is a good idea please do tell me :twilightsmile:. I also highly suggest you look up the lore video by Shobbycast on youtube, it is a very intriguing story.

Here's an idea. Anyone who has read or heard of the comic invincible will know about this. A young Viltrumite is sent through dimensions to Equestria. The ponies would be either humanized or anthropomorphic because of Viltrumite's ultra pure D.N.A that can create offspring with any humanoid race. The young viltrumite then tries to cope and is affected by the friendly environment, and must deal with his own cultures that could make the entire world fear him. This would be good for someone who reads the Invincible series by Robert Kirkman.

350633 I actually haven't ever seen that before.... Might wanna check it out, before someone else gets the idea!

Thanks. I put it in my read later list.

Speaking of stories that already exist, someone must have done the star trek xover thad reveals discord and Q really are the same entity, right?

Banana pants. :pinkiecrazy::trollestia:

So... I started thinking about something... Where does Zecora come from? People write about her as a side-character all the time, or about maybe her being one of the main characters... but where does she come from? What's that environment like? There are so many possibilities that crop up around that idea!

Should investigate further, or not?

338812 I like your story ideas a lot. However, there's a story that's sort of alike to that already. It's pretty similar, really. Don't know if that dissuades you or not, but here's the name of it: Affliction of the Heart. It doesn't involve the same principles as your story, but it's generally pretty alike.

here's an idea so far no one(as far i know)has ever wrote a Anthro pony in a normal pony equestria i searched everywhere so this is probably first but if anyone knows a story like this can you pm me the link?

I have a new idea. It's a back-story for my newest OC and its this:
Pinkie Pie goes back to the Crystal Empire with Twilight and the rest for a visit, could be for Hearth's Warming or a birthday.
But everything in the Empire is so distracting she ends up going to all the parties instead and gets... well drunk. :scootangel:
Pinkie returns home earlier than the rest with a hangover and quickly realizes she's also pregnant. She has to find the father, or take care of her baby (a filly) by herself. ^_^ what do u guys think?


a guy who's severely depressed and emotionally numb turns up in equestria, and the cast are split between wanting to either fix him or get rid of him.

the plot stems from his weelings around a more idealistic world than the dark, hurtful one he's used to.

anyone can use this, just credit me for the idea. i simply don't have the ability to write it.

339339 I was thinking of doing the mythology of the holiday. I might need a lot of help on this though. :scootangel:

Actually I'm doing their holidays they shared as fillies ^^

Are you just talking about a holiday the sisters shared together, or do you want tie them into the holidays mythology.

Either way, yes it’s a good idea.

I'm trying to think of a story about Hearth's Warming. I'm thinking it's gonna be about Celestia and Luna when they were younger... is this a good idea? :scootangel:

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