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Temporary Hiatus. · 8:08pm Nov 1st, 2012

I originally planned to finally release a chapter today, but unfortunately I lost my notebook before I could type the chapter up, so until I find it, there won't be any progress on the story at all. Basically the exact same thing as the summer.

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1253927 Lost passion for MLP, and couldn't think of a decent way to do the story. Really the only reason I'm replying to you now is because I came back to just look at this place a final time.

Sorry if you were interested in the idea, but it won't be coming from me.
So, goodbye... possibly.

Huh. I saw you had plans for an Eversion crossover. What happened?

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160597 Well guess what my fine faceless friend, you may have something to look forward to in a few days. As for what it is... I think it's obvious enough.

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