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i'm a world builder not a storyteller which basically means i'm good at making items and characters. not making stories about them

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hard world building light version · 12:00pm April 19th

magic what is it whats it do?

magic what is it? well in part it's a translation error as your world languages are foreign to the idea, you do not have a word for it. in truth, it's the fifth part of einstein's relativity. the thing your people have been missing this entire time. The five exotic energies of the universe and how they govern the form function of reality and when harnessed how one can influence and govern their own reality.

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Thanks for adding Twilight's Short and Incomplete Guide to Equestrian Magical Theory to your Favourites! May I ask why?

Nice. Glad to hear that.

Forgot to mention, cool profile pic btw :rainbowdetermined2:

Hope you're doing well, my pone. :rainbowdetermined2:

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