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i'm a world builder not a storyteller which basically means i'm good at making items and characters. not making stories about them

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nature vs choice · 10:49am February 27th

your imagination is a reflection of your nature but it does not define you what you choose to make your reality however does what one choses to bring forth from their mind and paint into reality is essentially who and what they are but as usual its the same problem different century to many painters and only one canvas. The world itself isnt fucked up its just full of people who fuck it up. i grow tired of people calling a rock evil for lack of a better word a rock will not cast itself

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Need more stuff like this

Thanks for adding Twilight's Short and Incomplete Guide to Equestrian Magical Theory to your Favourites! May I ask why?

Nice. Glad to hear that.

Forgot to mention, cool profile pic btw :rainbowdetermined2:

Hope you're doing well, my pone. :rainbowdetermined2:

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