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Do you need help writing?

Are your stories being rejected?

Are they just not good enough quality for you?

Do people have a hard time reading your fan fiction?

Are you receiving a lot of negative comments or thumbs down?

You sound like you need an editor! And fear not, you've found a whole group of them!

Editors for Struggling Fan Fiction was created under the idea that we can make fan fiction that needs a little work into some amazing. After all, there's no such thing as a bad idea, and we're here to make that great idea execute to the best of its abilities. And if you need help, we can certainly help you.

We haven't been up for very long, but if you do need any help, PM BigBadBari21, AboveTail, MoldyShishkabob, or CanaCoclea. If you're looking to join as an editor, I will soon get a system going, in the meantime, just PM BigBadBari21.

If you're looking to help people, PM me, and mention you want to be an editor for this group. If you've ever edited before, please mention that as well, along with one of the stories you have edited.

If you have anything else, PM me!

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so I could use an editor on my story tales of the gargoyle king. if anyone wants to help please feel free to message me.

Comment posted by TwiDasherboop deleted Nov 3rd, 2021

I need a editor for my story. The last one said that he wouldn't finish it because I had to many issues with pacing and atmosphere. Well I have been pacing around the room trying to figure out what that means. And I lit a candle. Is that what they meant? Any help is appreciated.

The first chapter of my story is Chapter One

And if the second chapter doesn't pass moderation it can be found here. Chapter Two

looking for an editor i've got one but he is currently unable to keep up with my chapter out put and i have serious grammar issues. any help is appreciated

Hey guys! Names Zeno, I'm new on the scene and I am super nervous about my story. To be honest, I'm not a perfect writer and I would love some help so if someone would like to help proofread my story Please message me or send me an email on jerobinson1538@gmail.com

Warning it already has like 11 chapters! :twilightblush:

Thanks again!

hey i recently just joined the site so i need a pre reader to give me a hand in making my fanfiction work out but.....it has at least 40 some chapters so i need someone that has a lot of spare time or enough time to give me a hand and i will be ever so happy :pinkiehappy: :rainbowkiss:

uh hi,my name's Pholus and one of my story was rejected,as i can read from the other comment the "helpers"are rarely online so...uh yhea i suppose i have to wait til'like everyone.

I need help. My first story is not PASSING MODERATION. What am I Doing Wrong?

Can any of you help me out?

Editor for chapter. Let me know if interest and the payment is COOKIES

Uuummm I need help like really bad I great at ideas but I suck at Grammer and stuff do ur going to have fun editing for me lol XD but pm me cause my situation isn't the best since I'm using my phone

hi any and all ponies.

I'll just check in and see how things are going.

maybe slip a story for the next available editor to have a look over, from time to time?

Hi I`m new, idk if this goup is active anymore or not but I`ll give it a try. Ok so first off I am semi new to creative typeing but nott all that bad at it; but all my stories could use a bit of help. The main focous is on my newest one Fallout Stalliongrad; while doing ok, I know it do better.

How funny, every editor is barely online except one I guess:rainbowlaugh:

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