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I am a beginner writer don't give me crap and then not tell me why my story sucks I am making this in reply to the idiots from earlier I need to know what is wrong if you give me crap or I will just delete your comment from my story and ignore you.AND YES you need a reason to give me crap or I swear to princess celestia......just please give me a reason before you do something stupid like that.

I don't suppose you would be willing to help me finally get my story posted in a manner decent enough that people stop criticising me to the point that they ask me 'was this really an attempt at a story?' would you? If you say no I will not say ask again but so far I haven't a clue what I am doing wrong I fixed everything in the first two chapters from grammar to spelling with Grammarly but people are still being dicks.any clues if you could?


I'm one of those few people who won't downvote a story over things like that unless they don't space between paragraphs and they have absolutely no punctuation....and even then it is only contingent on whether I like the story or not. Stories I like never receive downvotes from me.

yeah I believe grammar was the problem because I am a "special person" that requires special help because....you know....not the brightest lightbulb when it comes to english grammar and spelling and some other stuff


With some people they mean grammar, some mean spelling, some mean punctuation and some just mean usage in general....and of course there are the downvote trolls who just downvote things for the fun of it. I had a similar story as far as downvotes go. I wound up deleting it because I had people telling me to go kill myself over it.

  • Viewing 23 - 27 of 27
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