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Sunset Shimmer is my dream girl.

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Just a quick update · 11:03pm Apr 3rd, 2022

Sorry I haven't done any updates to my stories, I've been taking English and Maths classes for the last year and a bit to bump up my currents skills and I've recently had to do my entry-level 3 English exams so I can finally start on Level 1 so that has burned me out a bit. The other reason I haven't updated any stories is due to losing my uncle on the 28th of March due to Covid.

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Jezo #49 · Dec 18th, 2021 · · 1 ·

Excuse me but do you do requests for stories.

Thanks for having added my more.. Hmm, let's say mature romance story, The Return of Anon, to your favorites. I'll hope you you keep enjoying it. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Jul 11th, 2022

That works perfectly :)

How's about having Dash using her new hypnosis to do that before realising that she could then use it to have fun with the girls?.

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