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Choose the character · 7:00am Oct 12th, 2018

Ok, so I want to explore a particular What If scenario connecting to my completed story "A Sister's Surprising Love" where Lightsaber will not fall in love with his twin sister, instead, with another woman. Comment on who you'd want on my profile, as I plan to do a couple of these.

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Seems like a solid story :ajsmug:

Thanks for having added my more.. Hmm, let's say mature romance story, The Return of Anon, to your favorites. I'll hope you you keep enjoying it. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Hey I found this petition for equestria girls and I was wondering if you were interested. Here’s the link https://www.change.org/p/hasbro-save-equestria-girls-from-ending

You deserve a smile, awesome possum!

Trying to spread more kindness around this site. Always here to bring the cheer. πŸ˜‡πŸ’–

You're my friend-a-doodle now. Have a cookie! πŸͺ:rainbowkiss:

You ever need anything, I'm always around. 😌

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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