A fan group dedicated to the Crossover Videos of Amante Animations, a brilliant blend of both the MLP world of Equestria Girls with the Space Opera adventures of Star Wars. It's here that this group is dedicated to discussing and analyzing the world that Amante has created, such as speculation of which character of the MLP-Verse exists in the Star Wars universe, and how this series fits into the Star Wars series as a whole, both the "New Cinematic Timeline", and "Star Wars: Legends".

But most important of all, this place is dedicate to those who which to expand on this universal blend by creating their own stories, whether it be their own interpretation of Sunset Shimmer's redemption and the Council of Harmony, or their own side stories just like the tradition of Star Wars.

So all who have been inspired by Amante's excellent videos, come join us and let us take a journey to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Original Creator: Amante Animations
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I have an Equestria Girls x Star Wars fanfic myself that i want to write, but am struggling severely. If anyone here could possibly help me out, that would be great. If not, i completely understand

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