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Hi I'm Jon I'm from Moncton New Brunswick Canada I'm just starting to get involved in my little pony I'm not sure if I'm a brony but I hope we can be good friends


mlp g5 movie · 12:16pm September 19th

according to a equestria daily recent article a rep from hasbro reported that another mlp movie will be released some time this month next year that in said report the movie takes place in equestria and is suppose to bridge the gap between g4 and g5 so as this article goes g5 takes place in the same universe as friendship is magic after an undisclosed amount of time has past it also seems that the g5 series will either begin before or after the movie is released in sept-oct 2021

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Thank you for the watch. May I ask how I earned it?

Thanxs for the follow!

I love your profile pic! It's so cute!

I booked marked your story so I figured id give any other future stories a shot....ill read it tomorrow

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