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Hi I'm Jon I'm from Moncton New Brunswick Canada I'm just starting to get involved in my little pony I'm not sure if I'm a brony but I hope we can be good friends


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sunset shimmer tribute pmv idea · 9:52pm September 11th

hey thought id share this song i found that i thought would make a good pmv i cant make one......at the moment not sure what softwear i need but any who heres the song

shooting star from the tv show firefly and the movie serenity

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This is a message to all of my followers the story formerly known as the new goddess in town has been changed to the warrior and we'll have 10 parts you will soon know the answer to why I've done this but until then astalavista for now

depends if you seen rosario x vampire before im thinking of being both versions of moka from the anime im guy at first but becomes a female not a futa after buying mokas rosary...... if you havent seen it id be hino raye aks sailormars from sailormoon after buying her transformation pens um.....you can ship me with a female mlp character if u like..i personally like sunset shimmer adagio dazzle sonata dusk trixie gilda rainbowdash u can ship me with any of those characters if you like or a girl character of your choosing i also dont mind being in a herd if thats ok

Hey I'm going around to all of my followers and asking them do they want to be in the story with my displaced if yes then tell me the power you want them to have and whether you want them and my character to be pals or enemies

of course its....ists not like your cute pony mare profile oc or anything..... b....baka

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