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Hi I'm Jon I'm from Moncton New Brunswick Canada I'm just starting to get involved in my little pony I'm not sure if I'm a brony but I hope we can be good friends


mlp season 10 1st arc complete spoilers · 4:24pm Dec 30th, 2020

so the first arc to season 10 is done it was going seeing zecora being reunited with her old friends finding a new tree of harmony and zecora and her friends bcomeing the new elements of harmony and their seems to be a mystery due to the fact their seems to be more than one tree of harmony and possibly 6 in each area where the others are venturing.....sadly we now know why zecora was not in the final episode while applejacks group went home zecora stayed behind with her friends as the elements

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Hee :rainbowkiss:

You deserve it, bud. I've just been in a "make others happy" mood. 😇

.....where did these onions come from?

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

I feel watched... :trollestia:

Have a great night :raritywink:

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