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Hi I'm Jon I'm from Moncton New Brunswick Canada I'm just starting to get involved in my little pony I'm not sure if I'm a brony but I hope we can be good friends


things you should never say around a shipgirl · 2:20pm Oct 27th, 2021

i just woke up from a dream where i said and i quote

wow i cant believe i met a pirate ship that had that much booty in her

i of course was referring to the amount of gold in her hold.....

the black pearl however.......

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thank you for the follow. have one back!

Crazy Tina says, "ONIONS ARE QUEEN!"

Thanks for the watch.

mlp was real and the mane six plus the princess es accidentally looked up clop

That kind of describes Clop Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad, but it was never finished.

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