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I am a fan of MLP:EG. Not as much towards the MLP:FIM TV series, which was decently fun in its own way, but I just love the Equestria Girls timeline.

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Looking For Peeps! · 12:37pm March 30th

Heyo everypony! I'm back and with some good news! 😄

It's definitely been a hell of a year, but Lucky Chances is so close to being finished that I couldn't help but wonder if anybody here who reads fanfictions out on YouTube would be interested in turning it into an audio series? 🤔

All credit goes to the user (or users if multiple people do a chapter of their choosing) who are able to turn my work into an audio series for YouTube, SoundCloud or any other source! 😄😁

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Thanks for watching me I will try to earn this honor.

I was looking around for more people to follow really, so I pick you and about 8 other out of everybody on the site yesterday. :pinkiehappy:

Merci beaucoup for the follow. What inspired it?

I will do so, and thanks again!

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