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Status of stories · 10:01pm August 18th

Some of you might have noticed that most of my stories are on hiatus. I'm not gonna lie... I kinda went overboard and let my imagination run wild with a bunch of stories. I think I need to just take a break from my own stories for a bit. If you guys haven't heard before, I'm going to be doing a collab story with a user named Twishy69. She's expressed her idea for a crossover with a different series and Raising a human daughter. Honestly I could see it working out when she explained it.

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Thank you for your favorite of A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake! It means a whole lot to me!

So on your Infamous Second son story who's the main character

Hey, are you gonna updatr crystal's justice. I really liked it. Please don't tell me it's abandoned.

When are you going to update Raising a Human Daughter? It is a really good story.

2612690 I can see not that often

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