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Raising a Human Daughter crossover first chapter preview · 3:43pm April 14th

“There is just one other thing about that world however…” Luna said, continuing. “In that world, these humans with quirks use them for either good, or bad purposes… There are heroes and there are villains.”

“What!?” Twilight exclaimed.

“But there is no need to fear… we will be sending you to the safest part of that world.” Celestia said stepping up. “We looked into it and saw that one area of the world only had a 6% crime rate… drastically lower than the rest of it.”

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When are you going to update Raising a Human Daughter? It is a really good story.

2612690 I can see not that often

unleashedtwilight how often do you go on this website

2600962 a person that writes cool stories

unleashedtwilight don't worry about this comment

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