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This story is a sequel to Raising a Human Daughter

A year has passed since Crystal got her memories back... Crystal and her mother are sent to a different world... a world full of heroes and villains.


Please note that this is a crossover of My Hero Academia and Raising a Human Daughter. I started this crossover because of a vote that I had.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

Nice job so far on the story

I wonder how much meeting Crystal will actually change Izuku's life.

i remove my hat in front of you, this is going to be amazing!!!!!!!

Haven't read you're original story yet, but I have seen Boku No Hero Academia up to Season 3 (still looking for the movie though).

So far seems alright, I see you after the three year time skip.

Not bad actually, it's pretty believable and I've noticed a few grammar errors as I read, but they weren't distracting or anything. I'm looking forward to reading more from you and I think I'm gonna read your raising a human daughter.

Very nice! I've been enjoying your work, a few grammar errors here and there, but I absolutely love this story. Keep up the good work and if you need help. Feel free to ask, I've watched the anime and read the manga XD

I like crossover stories when they’re subtle… This… This is not subtle……… And I love it!

I'm wondering how Crystal is going to do in the entrance exam.

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