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U guys forget to a Swat Kats folder for the Hannah Barbera folder

I used to watch adventure time for a while, but when the show becoming a bit serious and started making more story arcs is when I stopped watching.

Adventure time is overrated. It was a breath of fresh air when it started out, but the whole "Silly cartoon that's ac-

Wait a minute.

Steven sjwniverse's creator originally worked on Adventure Time, right?

Uh no, Gumball has always been a better show than FIM. In all honesty, FIM even in its first two season was completely overrated compared to Gumball and even other shows like Regular Show and Adventure Time.

From post-S5 onwards, sure.

Yeah in fact, when you think about it, Gumball is a better show then FIM.

It's funnier and often very heartfelt.

What about The Amazing World of Gumball?

There isn't a Pokemon folder. Why?

Do Powerpuff girls, the 2016 reboot and PPGZ all go in the same file?

Indeed! Honestly, if a show has to "Directly adress the critics" in an insulting manner more than twice, AND misses the point of said critique both times, it stinks.

and I Think Joel Robinson Put it best:


Someone should do a cutie mark crusaders in Townsville where the crusaders meets the powerpuff girls scootaloo should like buttercup because she's the toughest fighter and likes to do dangerous stuff

Get a load of this.

i made a Steven Universe group

Why is there no Steven Universe folder?

I had an idea for a Ninjago/MLP crossover. Beyond the fact that I have Misako in it, I've decided to leave the continuity ambiguous from the perspective of Ninjago. Garmadon doesn't appear, either, yet I'll let those who'd read it assume where he is. If anyone here thinks this is a good idea, or has any suggestions, please let me know.

shouldn't there be a Generator Rex folder on here

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