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Welcome to the magical world of My Little Disney! I created this group to house all the great pony fics inspired or containing Disney characters and/or have been inspired or re-told with the characters from MLP: FiM. I FlimFlamBros. am a huge Disney nut myself and if you ever have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Now for a breakdown of the catagories on this group.

Disney Crossovers are fics that have characters from Disney in the world of Equestria or vice versa.

Disney Pony Adapations are fics that re-tell a Disney story using characters of the show while adding their own original twist(s). Please avoid just copying and pasting the story and just changing the names or they will be booted out.

Musical Magic are fics for any fic that uses music in them to help with story telling. This can be either fully lyric songs, re-written musicals, or just background noise to add to the pleasentries of reading. This catagory may include musical crossovers and adapations of any kind.

The Feel of Disney are fics that while not actually related to the Disneyverse in any way, have managed to capture that same feel we get. This is a Admin controlled group. If you think you have or found a story that could go in this folder please contact one of the Admins.

I hope that that all helps, any other concerns please address me or one of the other admins.

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Just figured I'd ask: anyone open to making an MLP/Frozen crossover story in honor of the 10th anniversary? I'm surprised there's very little Frozen crossover content on here. The most interesting one was never finished and another just involved a fan-created pony.

Any takers?

I'm surprised there aren't many adaptation crossovers of Mickey Mouse Cartoons i only found 2, both adaptations of modern Mickey Mouse Shorts Sleepwalking and Fire Escape and the other one i found was loosely based on Lonesome Ghosts and more based on Casper the friendly ghost

Equestria Girls version of Cinderella 1950 and Alice in Wonderland 1951

The lion king

Shining armor = mufasa
Twilit sparkle = scar
Flurry heart = simba

Sorry for bad inglish

Hi, I'm planning to make my own Disney Pony Adaptation of an existing Disney movie, but is okay to do so, IF you add your own words to the dialogue and original twists?


Hi guys.
Are you allowed to put reviews for Disney movies up here as long as they're fairly calm and neutral?

I did two for The Lion King remake and the Mulan remake (Although that one's more about the production itself)
I'm not losing it in any of them, I actually quite liked the former.

everyone like to write mlp/dumbo 2019?

We should have a sleeping beauty adaptation with princess cadence and shining armor

I'm making a story based on Disney' Tangled
So yea, glad i joined:pinkiehappy:

Can someone tell me how can i use disney songs in my stories?

so Disney Chronicles, great story series right?

I had a crossover idea a few years ago with MLP and Dumbo. Basically where one character replaced the titular elephant in the circus and all the craziness that insued.

That's as far as I got though because I could never figure out what happened to him. Either where he ended up in Equestria, and all the craziness that insued, or something else.

Too crazy?


i love the banner for this group, it made me go "really" but still clever.:rainbowlaugh:

i found a movie call escape from tomorrow i know you think you won't believe it they make disney horror i like WHAT??? ARE YOU FLIPING KIDDING ME? not what i'm talking look up youtube and type escape from tomorrow trailer and wantch it

I have two stories of mine that not yet post in here.
I will do it later after I finished the prequels of them.
These two use the storylines of Pocahotnas 1995 film and Pocahontas 1998: Journey to a New World. But of course,
no any characters from them will appear.

But I use the storylines that belong to Disney through the Pocahontas franchise of Disney.

The point is, can I add them in this group? Because it is only the storylines that are being crossover with.

Nothing more else.

I'm working on an adaptation of Hunchback of Notre Dame.:twilightsmile:

Does anyone have recommendations for a Disney/pony adaptation?

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