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Welcome to My Little Princess: Disney is Magic! Here we can talk and share stories about Disney!

Post anything that has to do with Disney in the forum. What's your favorite movie? Any theories? Excited about upcoming movies? Just keep one thing in mind:
We're all friends here who want to talk and share things with others, no need to be mean about it. And please try to keep swearing to a minimum (with the exception of "buck").

I'm watching you...

Post your stories (must be an MLP/Disney crossover fic) in the correct folder provided. That's what they're there for, and that's what you should use them for.
Clop fics are allowed, but please put them in the "Mature" folder provided.

The admins at this time are:
Moon Breeze
Weeping Angel(Retired)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of us. We're here to help.

Also, check out these awesome groups while you're at it:
Rainbow's Library
Equestrian Star Wars
Equestria: Past, Present, and Future

So come on! Join today, and start adding fics!!!

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Has anyone done Hercules? I want to do that.


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