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Equestria certainly has had its ups and downs, but don't hold it to the past! Look forward! Look to the future! Amazing things are in store for us, I know it! Now go, my little ponies! Be happy, stay healthy, and continue sharing your love and friendship for all future generations!

And live in the present.

~Princess Celestia

War ravished Equestria in the past, we live in peace and friendship in the present, but will fear reign down on us in the future? It's up to you to decide. The Princesses saved us once, could they do it again?

In the future, will there be a fallout?
Will their be no hope?
Or would friendship last forever?

In the past, so many wars devastated these lands.
The Discordant Wars.
The Wrath of an Everlasting Night.
And others that paved the way to the Equestria we know today, but have been long forgotten by its inhabitants.

What will happen today?
What will happen tomorrow?
Did you live past yesterday?

All opinions will be loved and tolerated until the end of time.

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I’m not sure how I can write this, but I’ll be intrigued if you have an idea, but I came up with this idea where every bad future Twilight sees in the Cutie Re-Mark, Twilight would see that they all have one thing in common, they end with Midnight Sparkle (though Twilight doesn’t know it’s her) appearing and destroying reality. At first, Twilight would think Midnight is only around for the first bad future she sees, but then she sees Midnight appearing in other bad futures, even though she is never the main focus in any of them. When Twilight shows Starlight the bad future where Equestria is nothing more than a wasteland, they end up in a confrontation with the Midnight Sparkle of that future and for a brief while, try to get Midnight away from the Cutie Map so that they can use the time scroll without her following them or using the time scroll, and thus destroying both time and reality. After the Midnight threat is dealt with, the story would play out as usual, the only differences being that 1. Twilight, Starlight, and Spike would know about the threat of Midnight Sparkle (although none of them know Midnight’s origin story), and 2. When the time scroll is destroyed, Spike says something like “Well, at least we now know that time is safe from Midnight’s morbid curiosity ”. Let me know what you think about the idea and if you can figure out how you’d to build off it.

Quick question. Would events taking place just slightly before season 1 be considered past or present? Like literally a few days/a couple of weeks before the first episode.

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