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We all know of how Twilight Sparkle and her friends rediscovered the Elements of Harmony, purified Princess Luna, and saved Equestria from the threat of eternal night, but this is but one world's version of the events. Imagine if it was Princess Celestia who became consumed by jealousy and was banished to the sun. Imagine if Twilight Sparkle was passionate about science instead of magic. Imagine if, instead of a hard-working farmer, Applejack was a southern belle. Imagine if Trixie was Celestia's student, and Twilight was the traveling showmare. All the faces are the same, and all these stories end with a similar conclusion, but the paths that are taken are different. This group is dedicated to such stories.

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Is there a story where sunset shimmer and the shadow bolts get elements of harmony?

Hmm...sound like a group I'd want to be a part of!:scootangel:
Just gonna let you know, my story has the Mane Six as the protagonists, along with an OC that I created to add into thier little group, and the way that they meet is pretty much the same. At the same time, the meetings last longer than in the series, and Twilight is not the one who meets the others.

Apple Jewel: Ah reckon y'all better dress nicer and take ah bath!

Applejack: What in the hay now?

311428 Depends, will the Mane 6 be in the story at all, and will they be more than simple background characters?

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