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Howdy! I'm Appul, a /really/ huge fan of Applejack. I hope you enjoy your time reading my (semi-decent) stories! ♡ Fair warning, I do NOT ship AppleDash.

Appul's inevitable return? [NEW ERA!]

From the desk of Addatus_Appul:

Ahoy hoy, Appul here!

I've been gone for quite some time. However, it is my pleasure to reintroduce myself as apart of the Fimfiction community as a writer. Lately things have been going through the motions and some hectic activity, yet I believe it's only fair to everyone if I come back especially after the success of "To Lead Wisely, Not Just Prim and Preen"— I am SO shocked and stoked that got the attention it did. The fact that it got put in many different groups is such a loving gesture that touched my heart and got me all excited. I hope I can fill your libraries with non-generic Applejack stories that will tug at the feelings or at the urge to beg for sequels, hah! :ajsmug:

Now that I'm back, I'll make one thing clear. Story requests will be open, but only for certain aspects that I myself am comfortable with and/or have the capability to write. (Why Appul?) Well, sometimes I get so fixated on a certain topic of a story and forget what the main topic is, like i.e. "Fancy Applejack" when Applejack certainly has other qualities than her Manehatten backstory. I'll do my best for you all though!

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