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trying to see how many ways i can hurt applejack, apparently Ko-Fi | Pronouns

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Ways I've Hurt Applejack (so far)

  • watches her romantic partner die [BWAM]
  • watches her new friend die [UTLOD]
  • gets bitten by a zombie vampire thing with no chance to escape that life [BWAM]
  • is bad at shaving [LWTO]
  • gets broken up with because rarity is straight [LWTO]
  • falls off a cliff and has a gay awakening [IRTSM]
  • sustains a life-altering injury [LGOTR]
  • wife dies [TSW] [OLT]
  • murders ponies and makes them into scarecrows like her family has done for years [SITC]
  • storm takes out her farm [ATS]
  • is depressed [JF]
  • is old [TIS] [TSW]
  • has dysphoria [LWTO] [KWT]
  • literally just dies [ACWB]
  • canned apple machine blows up on her [ID]
  • everything about this idk how to explain it? rainbow dash is ruining herself and applejack cant help her? [WSDT]

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  • 1 week
    Where Am I? (no im not dead)

    I swear, I’m not!

    I know uploads have been scarce but you must believe me. I just don’t have time.

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  • 12 weeks

    The winds are blowing and a cold front is coming in. You look up and notice the sky is already transitioning into those ever-stunning shades of oranges and reds as the sun dips lower into the sky toward the horizon. A quick glance at your watch confirms what you were wondering; it’s not even five in the afternoon yet. Before you can continue to wonder about the early sunset, a single white flake lands on the tip of your nose and you smile. Ah, you think to yourself. It’s

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  • 14 weeks
    Im Making Some Changes


    Yup, I’m making some changes. As in, changes to how I do things around here.

    I’ve always tried my best to have a story a month, and I’ve only failed at this once. Or I guess, twice now.

    There will be no October story. That’s not to say I haven’t written anything this month. I’ve written almost 17k words for Reins. But I wasn’t able to complete my story for this account. I was real close, too. I just ran out of time.

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Who Am I? (About The Author)

Well, howdy there! Glad to see you've taken an interest in me. I'll list off some fun facts about me below, and some things I think should be known about me.

-I use he/him pronouns!
-I'm trans (FtM), so don't expect me to put up with hate :ajbemused:
-Applejack is my favourite character (obviously), followed closely by Rainbow Dash
- If you saw me make NSFW no you didn’t
-I believe in Sunset Shimmer supremacy (IT'S NOT ABOUT THE PARAKEET!)
-I like writing one-shots, and I especially like writing fics with shipping in them
-I live in Canada, so pardon the use of the letter U in some words
-I like to draw, and I enjoy drawing for this show haha (see below)
-You can find me on Derpibooru, Tumblr and Twitter under the same name!
-I'm open to making new friends and the inbox is always open! Shoot me a message and I'm more than likely to reply :)

Thanks for reading this and have a lovely day!

Transverse AU

What I'm Writing (Stories)


Where Am I? (no im not dead) · 1:24pm January 30th

I swear, I’m not!

I know uploads have been scarce but you must believe me. I just don’t have time.

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Something tells me that continuing this line of questioning will drive me to insanity, much like trying to figure out Pinkie Pie. :derpytongue2:

Hehe I dunno how to explain it. I obviously think Applejack is the best, but Sunset Shimmer reigns supreme

I don't understand. :twilightsheepish: I'd think if someone was relatable, they'd definitely be your favorite and supreme.

shes too relatable to be my favourite, but she gets to be supreme

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