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Your friendly neighborhood writer of entirely too many trans ponies! (She/her | Discord: Velvet Red#4496 | pfp by malphym)

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”No more troubled sleep, there’s a brave new world raging inside of me.”- Laura Jane Grace (A Little Louder, June 2022)

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It’s 4AM and I’m Bored and Can’t Sleep, Ask Me Some Questions · 8:01am 15 hours ago

I did this a couple years ago, my answers have probably updated since. Send me some numbers and I’ll answer them.

(Mind the A Little Louder link, I want traffic).

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Welcome to my page!

So, am I supposed to like talk about myself here or something?

Alright, here goes (totally not stealing this format).

-I go by Dashie as implied by my name, or Reinn because she’s my ponysona, or Rose because it’s just a pretty name. I go by many things.
-I’ll have you know that I’m a mod on a dying wiki, so fear my power.
-She/her pronouns in case you can’t read the bio (don’t know how you’d be reading this, but hey).
-This may surprise you, but I really like Rainbow Dash.
-And Fluttershy.
-And FlutterDash.
-Especially trans FlutterDash.
-I voiced a cocaine addict in a story once and haven’t lived it down.
-Half my Discord friends are trans, me included, so tell me transphobic crap if you dare.
-I adore femboys
-I like writing stories that are so slice of life they might as well be delivered in cake form.
-I have two light drumsticks and know how to use them.
-I am the boogiemare, as I write a lot of stories about *gasp* trans ponies (I know, how dare I!)
-I write directly into FiMFiction, people think I’m crazy.
-I’ve been writing mediocre fanfic since 2018.
-I know way too much about music, particularly The Beatles.
-Proud member of QnS.
-Midwesterner, ET.
-I’m not saying you should subscribe to my YouTube channel, but uh, here it is in case.
-I love writing stories about boring crap.

-But seriously, if you stumble across this corner of the site, I write slice of life to its logical conclusion. Most of my stories are a celebration of the mundane. Every single person has a story, so it should make sense that average, everyday ponies have a story, too. When I’m not writing slice of life like that, I’m generally shining a light on the issues that permeate a person (or pony in this case), because stuff like gender dysphoria isn’t often talked about, and I want to talk about it.
-If you want to read my stories, I’d recommend Raining., A Little Louder, Me and Poppy, Something About a Violet, and A Legend in My Time. Those cover the scope of what I like writing pretty nicely.

And until next time; be awesome!

P.S. Join the Radio of the Apocalypse Project!


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I love your most recent fic. Keep on being awsome! :heart:

Jessi #54 · March 17th · · 15 ·

I hope you detransition before you end up killing yourself, truly.

I subscribed to your YouTube Channel :)

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