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“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost”-Avicii (Dashie | She/her)

The Great Equestria War Stories

If You Want to Read My Stories, I Suggest These

Welcome to my Profile!

First things first, that avatar picture is not mine, it was drawn by a lover I met on the WoF Wiki, they go by King Dawm. I’m not that good.

You seem to have stumbled upon the girl that’s stuck 50 years in the past. My music prefrence is even older, if you can believe it.

Pronouns are she/her.

I’m a 16-year old, I drum, I’m currently learning how to play bass, and I’m obsessed with music. I leave a lot of comments on stories, but I never seem to have anything to say in my blog posts. I’m also a fan of Wings of Fire, if anypony happens to know what that is.

I’m in EST, that’s super helpful to know.

As I’ve stated, I’m obsessed with music. An electric bass is my favorite instrument, despite me drumming. I’m pretty good at Guitar Hero and that’s about it. But, my drumming has improved immensely, and I’m happy to say I’m at least an intermediate on drums. If I had a cutie mark, it would be one drumstick, why just one? Because I can’t hold on to the other one, seriously.

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is that is you leave a comment on any of my stories, I will read it. I’ll even reply to quite a few of them.

Best canon actual pony is Rainbow Dash.
Best canon character is Discord.
Best pony ever is Princess Jade (and you can’t convince me otherwise)

And until next time; be awesome!

I say that we should Rick Roll everybody to make Never Gonna Give You Up the 6th pre-2000’s video with over a billion views.

Join my cause.

I should mention that I’m a bit of a musician, too, here’s some songs I’ve done:
https://youtu.be/uTeCqf_mfvA [Ambient Noise original]
https://youtu.be/BBFdDHePwmg [Ambient original]
https://youtu.be/Xi43yK5a89M [An MLP-themed parody of American Idiot]

Sort of related, but I’m also in a band program, just don’t expect to release out music anytime soon.

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Thank you for backing me up in Positive Ponies, it’s not the first time that user has done this to me (or other users), but he’s clever enough that if I try to report him he can silver tongue his way out of it. So I won’t fight a battle I know I can not will, regardless of how much it infuriates me.

I can’t wait to start writing more.

My dude can’t wait tho read more😁

Not exactly a favorite, but close enough.

Thank you for the favorite on my DUST story!

You deserve a miniature Catra!

You’re welcome.

It’s just that you seem like an awesome person. Also that you’ve achieved so much being younger than me (I may have read some several blogs).

Thanks for the watch!

It sucks when that happens.

I’m the type of writer who comes up with great ideas and zero ideas on executing them.

Me, too. :applecry:

I am following you on case you Continue to sing.

Don’t take offense to the fact that I added it to Favorites Honorable Mentions, I only favor the best of the best, and I’d totally favor anything in my Favorites Honorable Mentions shelf if I didn’t do that.

Thanks for adding Fallon’ to your shelf. Deuces.

Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thank you for the advice. I have edited the first chapter in hopes of improving the readability. I also forgot an entire paragraph in my tired state (i wrote it around 4amish) so I filled that in once I noticed it. The conversation is more fleshed out now as well. I will now work on the next chapter and if you choose to read it I thank you.

Just know that while the concept is interesting the key plot element will not be introduced until 3-4 chapters in. This is because the key problem is still yet to be presented haha.

Well, my best output is those mundane Slice-of-life stories that the group is for.

Mine usually have deeper meanings though (The Endless Cycle: History repeats incessantly, and Sitting On The Dock of the Bay: Finding beauty in nature).

Welcome to Pockets of Sanity!

Nice, I have a lot, but it’s far too arduous to put pictures on FiMFic.

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