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Welcome to "War Never Changes".

Description: This group is about stories (these can be based on franchises or using elements of them) that contain elements of war; however, it doesn't have to be a story with epic scenes at all, these stories need some philosophical background and some life lessons that could show others that is never good to be part of the war. War's not an adventure, war's cruel... It's always cruel with everyone, and it never changes.

1.- Do NOT be mean.
2.- Respect each other.
3.- If anyone has any kind of doubts, then you may ask the administrator(s).
4.- You may self-promote your stories, but be respectful and don't exaggerate it.
5.- If you have any story you want to submit in the group, you may do it, but be sure of colocating it in the right folders and sub-folders.
6.- Enjoy the reading! :pinkiesmile:

P.S: I'll be making new sub-folders in case someone asks it to me.

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FINALLY A WAR STORY GROUP!! Now I can write and read lot's of adventures!

You're welcome.

Thanks for the invitation

I was gonna say I see no Fallout fics folder, but then I saw it after I made my comment, lol, so I deleted the comment.

Comment posted by Shimmer_Bolt deleted May 9th, 2020

You're hell right! The consequences of war affect people and it shows why they always begin for.

And war's cruel...



Here I am, sorry for keeping you waiting. Now, I would like to get some advice for new folders and sub-folders.

It needs more than just that folder honestly. Gundam comes to mind, since there are a few crossovers with various series.

I think the quote (Fallout’s famous arc words: war... war never changes) refer more closely to the fact that all war happens for the exact same reasons, a want of land and power, and the fact that the psychological effects of war never change and never will.

It doesn’t refer to the technology, but the fact that such a thing as war wasn’t eradicated long ago.


Also, yeah, add an Equestria at War folder.

This group needs way more folders, and a more original name if I'm being honest. War changes all the time.

We'd still be using sticks and stones if it didn't.

Might wanna consider adding an Equestria at War folder

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