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Ballad of The Defeat of Nightmare Moon · 10:11pm Apr 30th, 2020

Fields of Equestria are green and beautiful
Green and beautiful,
Where the apple trees grow
In the plains below,
But high in the sky, Nightmare bides her time,
Nightmare bides her time,
In a C'lestial crib,
Magic of Friendship

There is a town known as Ponyville
Where the flowers once bloomed,
Trapped in this farmer's town crying for help,
Two thousand ponies are doomed.

Now here is the problem how to rescue them
From the vengeful queen
When deep in the Everfree

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You need to stop being so hateful. I agree with what others are saying, including Smug Anime Girl, and you're not helping yourself with being so hateful and making yourself look like a complete fool.

I would watch it, when you make comments on someone's profile when you're you're not welcome.

not really, just visiting the people I haven't been active with for a while

I suppose, anything on your mind?

long time no talk!

My smug anime girl dump is endless

Why do you keep changing your profile pic?

Just wanted to share your tag almost had me falling out of my share laughing! Good one! :pinkiehappy:

All your pones is belong to us now.......

  • Viewing 127 - 141 of 141
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