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I am a hobbyist artist that enjoys drawing in my spare time, specializing in a cartoonist style. I take commissions from several fandoms, the majority on my repertoire being around the My Little Pony Fandom but I always enjoy the creative challenge of expanding to other styles like various anime series and creatures of all sorts. Have a challenge for me?
Look forward to me displaying further designs, both original and based in fandoms.


Commission Sheets, 2020 · 5:09am May 13th, 2020

PM if interested :raritywink:

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Bad Intentions Collection Now Available on Teespring · 6:15pm Sep 6th, 2020

Bad Intentions Collection Now Available on Teespring

New merch on teespring available, honestly this video has been basically ready since the other line was done, but I had to resist posting both, lol. It'll premier 12 PM PST I'll be in the comments during it, not sure how it'll work...lol

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