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Good Day, my name is Michelle but also go by Shelly or Hoodwink for those familiar with my art history. I am a hobbyist artist that enjoys drawing in my spare time, specializing in a cartoonist style. I take commissions from several fandoms, the majority on my repertoire being around the My Little Pony Fandom but I always enjoy the creative challenge of expanding to other styles like various anime series and creatures of all sorts. Have a challenge for me?
Look forward to me displaying further designs, both original and based in fandoms.


Merch stores, Displate (More to come) · 6:47pm Nov 26th, 2019

Displate, High quality metal posters
Click on picture to see order page
(recommend right clicking (or holding on mobile) to open in new tab)

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My Recent Commission (Updated 10/3/2019)


Commission Rates · 5:13am Jul 15th, 2019

Just PM if you are interested :pinkiehappy:

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New Username and Rebranding · 5:19am Oct 10th, 2019

NO NEED TO PANIC!!!!! This is just a decision that has been long time coming, was actually going to do it earlier but been working on a few commissions that took president of course. Still taking all commissions and still the same artist! Just a little rename that fits my name, M.C.S are my intials after all and those of you who were familiar with my old screen name of Shelly can understand the Shelster part. I'm looking to expand my horizons and create some prints and artwork from a number of

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