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I have people hanging out in my meat closet~

Pronouns: She/Her

Everyone thought I was a guy, when I told them I was NOT a guy, they thought I was transgender. No. Just no.

...I'm not a lesbian either.

I'm ace O0oOoo0O, what a crime.


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  • Monday

    Is stalking people I know and used to interact with on Instagram considered bad? :/

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  • 3 weeks
    The World A Stage

    The world is a fucking stage, and I'm the person everyone throws tomatoes at.

    I will never, EVER fall in love with someone I THOUGHT gave a shit about me.

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  • 4 weeks
    Personality Test

    I took a personality test, purely for entertainment and curiosity.

    My result:

    The test:

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  • 4 weeks
    Loose Thought Trains, Riding on the Tracks Side by Side.

    Just two loose thought trains I'm having as I write. If self-infliction makes you uncomfortable, don't read, doofus.

    They may not make sense, and paragraphs might not even be compatible. One instance might say cats, and the other may say dog. Just letting you know now.

    You all know what autocannibalism or "autosarcophagy" is: when you eat yourself. As of writing this, I am diagnosed with three forms of autosarcophagy:Onychophagia, to eat one's fingernails.

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When Life Gives You Lemons -The Book of Bad Advice #1 · 9:33pm Sep 11th, 2020

You cannot make lemonade, because Life only handed you ONE stinkin' citron! Life is an idiot, obviously. Or Life likes diluted Lemonade, which, I personally find un-refreshing.

But do not be discouraged! There are tons of other things you can do with the lemon.

1. Create lemonade by stealing your enemies lemons

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All is Fair in Love and War -The Book of Bad Advice #2 · 7:39pm Sep 15th, 2020

So when you learn the heartbreaking truth- Your lover is seeing someone else- give both of 'em a nice visit with a baseball bat. (Or the death ray that you built with lemons in the previous section) Because who would make such advice/quotes without having a reason?

As for war... Well, your BF/GF's other lover is now your enemy, so technically you are at war with them, and now you can pulverize, torture, bomb them with a nuke, or just punch 'em in the face. Either or.

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The Four Sephocolys' of the Apocalypse






Uh... uh... I have a list somewhere... just lemme... hmmm...

  • My Little Pony, doi (Yeah, I'm totally just spam. Just ignore me, because I am a germ. Germy space. I am GERMS. The Germ King. Yeah, that sounds right. My enemies agree with this statement. )
  • Skyrim
  • Hollow Knight
  • Gravity Falls
  • Invader Zim
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Plants vs. Zombies (Not really, whatever. Rarely indulged in this one.)
  • ...Something else I'm either forgetting or don't really feel like mentioning, 'cause heck, ya'll are strangers, why am I telling you dis??!

    Pah, I DON'T SHIP! (Some fandoms just don't have good ships, so they will be left out)
    MLP: Lunbra (Luna x Sombra)
    Hollow Knight: Quirrnet (Quirrel x Hornet)
    Gravity Falls: Dipifica (Dib x Pacifica)
    Invader Zim: ZaZr, ZaGr (Zim x Zita) (Zim x Gaz)

    You may fekking kill me now.

PARDON ME for not having a long and dreadfully boring bio that lasts like, page beyond page because I can't shut up.

Just enjoy the chicken pictures.

And they'll enjoy you.

Not very informative but *still pretty* informative somethings about me, your one and only Spespospospeas~

~The little nobody paladin that wanted to hug The Radiance~

A life without feelings was fine if there was only one goal to fulfill; in that case, the emotions are only an unnecessary distraction that hinders the mission. You could never call such an existence life.

To say goodbye is normal, and we accept the designs of life with resignation- that's the way things are. We are born to die, and we love for to lose. It's inevitable.

Okay... pushing that dramatic junk aside, I'm your unfriendly fimfiction user: 366384. Welcome to my page.

Hi, hey, what's up, welcome~

We don't write fiction here, only the truth, or how the truth should be ascertained. Sorry(ish).

Bye, see ya, nice meeting you too, ciao~

Who am I?

Just a random soul, who wanted to be a little nobody online, who turned out to become somebody, who is just sitting at a chair, writing things that *may or may not* be emotionally and psychologically disturbing.

Just a little somebody who happened to have people to appreciate who I am and what I do, correct me when I make mistakes, and support me when I need a shoulder to cry on. You could say I'm lucky to have people online who care about me. I'd like to spread that care to other people who necessitate it more than I do.

You could go here and help these people start out:
Yay, new users appear every day!

I was fortunate to have people to give me the boost that helped me get here today, where I am at. But a lot of these people may not be so lucky. Everyone deserves to love and to be loved and yadda... just beware of the accounts with links. You can report them. They're spam. It's a great stress reliever to track them down and report them when you're mad.

c o u g h

Back to dramatic-ness:

I am not a professional writer. But if you are interested in seeing some of the trash that I put out there for people to appreciate, you can go here to find them.

I have a desire to help others succeed in their writing. I may be cold and sardonic about it, but hey, thick skin makes you tougher. I may make people hate me by humiliating them, but at least they'll be so embarrassed that they'll be motivated to fix it... right?

I'm CaNaDiAn, which means I talk slow e r t h a n A m e r i c a n p e o p l e. Eh.

Proud breadsexual. Gamer, maker of adverse decisions, and self-proclaimed artist.

It's the other way around. Trouble comes to me, I swear~

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