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I'm the site lurker


1. I love fedoras.
2. I bought I fedora <3
3. I like to think that I look good in a fedora.
4. you are sick of hearing about fedoras so i'll just tell you that I also like sleuthing...
5. I especially would love to sleuth in a fedora...
6. I have a celery plant and it's my precious baby.
7. I also have a rabbit with one ear.
8. currently trying to train the rabbit to maul people on my command.
9. I love dannyboo precious mean beans muffinfluffin skyscraper widdle uwu x3 scrappyskapinyesmaniacman
10. I love painting
11. I suck at painting
12. I like watching the colors bleed together when I paint
13. I'm pretty good at drawing 👍👍👍
14. I like oneshots more than longer stories
15. King Sombra was my childhood crush. Something about dark, cruel, scary tyrant men (or stallions ig) is hot.
16. Tirek is my favorite villain.
17. I ship Tirek and Chrysalis
18. I also ship Twinkie
19. Pipp x Hitch and Twilight x Pinkie are my OTPs
20. Hitch is hot. This is a fact.
21. I'm Canadian
22. I'm into anthros
23. I'm torenflexible xoxoxox
24. I go by she/her
25. I'm Catholic
26. I've been watching MLP my whole life, starting in kindergarten, when the first season came out...
27. Fluffle Puff <3
28. weird, dark, 3d MLP videos about psychopath fluttershy (i think it was her?) and twilight having nightmares where all her friends die was also a childhood memory, so tender and sweet.
29. the only reason dad didn't let us watch those was because of the swears 🙁:raritycry:
30. My favourite mlp games r Story of the Blanks and Derp Till Dawn hart eyz
31. I'm a shitty person <3
32. I don't actually like feet... it's just funny to say... maybe I went too far...
33. I like video editing
34. Pasta is good shit
35. If I try and I don't like it, I give up and start sulking in a corner lmfao
36. My favorite colour is coffee brown
37. I write MLP stories but they're shitty so I post them on an anonymous Wattpad account instead
38. I'm also a coward in case you didn't know 😘😊😁💅
39. I have a friend-but-not-really-we're-kind-of-more so that means im taken, and one day I will make him marry me
40. I was born with diastema, but we have no shame for that here. <3
41. I like to shop, but I hate parting with money
42. I'm phonophobic and megalophobic
43. I like organizing things
44. i hart efslab
45. I have autocannibalism
46. I like to lurk on sites a lot nowadays. I comment if it seems the person needs support or I really like the story tho :)
47. I'm a huge simp 4 villains <3
48. I like geography.
49. I also like countryballs and hetalia hart hart hart

favorite oneshots

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That was my plan all along! And I shall not stop! :rainbowkiss:

You are a fine and wonderful person, it's always lovely chatting with you whenever possible.

aww, stop, I'm smiling

And I'll put in a good word that you get a special spot that fits your style, lol


You're going to Heaven :heart:

I try, Seph.

I want to make awesome folks like yourself happy! 🤗❤

  • Viewing 359 - 363 of 363
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