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It's no problem! Good luck with ur writing btw! Maybe I'll check out your other stories while I wait :]

Ah, well that's also good to know! Hopefully I'll be able to get another update out soon as well!

Thank you for answering, in any case!

Oh, I knew about it actually. I was kind of update hungry since AO3 and Wattpad have been pretty quiet for a while so I stopped by Fimfiction to see what I was missing out on. I remembered this one from about a year or two ago and was curious as to if you had updated or not. I don't know why I unbookmarked it, but I thought I would add it back.

Hello! I don't usually do this, but thanks for the fave on Shadow of a Doubt!

Though, I'll admit I'm a bit curious, you're the fourth person to favorite it today and I don't tend to get more than maybe one favorite every now and then outside of when it updates. Did someone happen to talk about the story somewhere or something, or was this just some sort of luck?

Hope that's not a weird question! Just wondered.

  • Viewing 372 - 376 of 376
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