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    I have a boyfriend

    hi everypony

    like you could read in the title i now have a boyfriend, his name is Badwolf1175
    I met him around a week or so ago, we talked a lot and got to know each other and he's such a nice and caring person and the first one that really showed interest in me. im happy to have him, he's such a sweet, nice and caring guy and i hope that we're going to be happy together for a long time.

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lmao half of wolfs followers are here .hope they dont scare you to much .just want to say happy relationship and i do apologize for any "pressure" you might feel because us

Hello! Just another follower on your boyfriend’s side. Anyway, I’ve come to say I hope you have a very lovely relationship between one another and that you make a beautiful life together :twilightsmile:! And just being honest, you got a very nice person to be your partner for the rest of your life! Hope these words encourage‘s you :pinkiehappy:!


Congrats on your relationship!
May you two be happy together:heart:

Congratulations on finding a boyfriend! May you stay together forever.

Hello there! And congrats on finding a boyfriend!

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