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Although Starlight is my favorite, I love all the ponies! You may also know me as "Anonymous!!HcNWUh4HrCG".

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Status Update · 4:03am Jul 17th, 2020

Hi everyone. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates; it's just been one thing after another, most importantly the fact that this is a very important and thus a very difficult chapter. I hope and expect it'll be in a condition to post soon.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you like it when I manage to finish it.

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Not to be a nag, but in your finale rewrite https://www.fimfiction.net/story/457581/8/the-ending-of-the-end-love-and-tolerance-edition/chapter-vii
There is this weird upstream not found thing.

More stories about the villains, exploring their lives post-"reformation".

So, now that your rewrite of the FiM series finale is complete, what kind of stories would you like to tell in the future?

It is not. I am having writer's block lasting years, but I think about it every day and want to come back to it.

Hello! I hope I'm not being rude asking this, but is Ending of the End cancelled? I understand if it is, I'm just wondering.

I do prefer to keep romantic things ambiguous.

I came across your take on "The Ending of the End" while looking through the site. From what comments I've read, it seems to be pretty good, so I'll check it out in my own good time. On the subject of romance, however, I do hope you keep things ambiguous. I'm well aware of the rumors and beliefs of what pairings became canon, and as a FlutterDash shipper, I'm not keen on a couple.

Congratulations! I noticed you have 90 followers now ^^

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