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Although Starlight is my favorite, I love all the ponies! You may also know me as "Anonymous!!HcNWUh4HrCG".

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Status Update · 4:03am Jul 17th, 2020

Hi everyone. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates; it's just been one thing after another, most importantly the fact that this is a very important and thus a very difficult chapter. I hope and expect it'll be in a condition to post soon.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you like it when I manage to finish it.

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That's really awesome! I'll definitely looking forward to it

Oh wow! That's incredibly flattering. Thank you very much, and I hope you will continue to be satisfied with my stories. I'm currently working on revising a lot of them for print, so if you ever like printed pony fiction (with villains!) I will have some out eventually.

I actually thought I'd followed you a while ago, haha. But the reason I decided to in general was that you've been a consistent commentator on my stories, engaged and interesting with positions I like reading. And so I'm keeping an eye on anything you publish, especially related to the villains.

Oh hey gamer, thanks for that follow. How'd I earn it?

I really like your Cozy Glow interview story, as it feels like a natural expansion of a character whom I feel was robbed of any character expansion in the official material (even if what Cozy is saying might just be her tricky child prodigy brain at work).

And as somebody who personally hates The Ending of the End, I applaud the effort you've put into your retelling. I've been thinking of my own rewrite of that episode, to the point of making a list of ideas for the plot outline, detailing what i'd expand or change (or both). Now, whatever I come up with will surely pale in comparison to what you've managed to make into a full story for the whole Internet to enjoy, but it's a project I hold interest in committing to eventually, to craft a version of that episode that feels more fulfilling to me, and hopefully others.

I hope I'm not bugging you when I ask this, but I made a group and was wondering if you'd be interested in joining?

Awww, thanks!
I don't really judge by followers. I judge by people liking my stories.

You write such great stories, yet have not nearly enough followers for them! What is this?
*transfers my followers to your account*

No. I don't think they will address any of the major issues in it.

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