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3099968 did you know i'm going to try and make an anime cozy glow in it and is a main character and is reformed and my anime it take place before mlpfim and after and if you want to know how cozy came to be in the 21th century time travel pss my anime is canon to mlpfim g4 and g5 and infact my anime will explain how g5 fit in g4 i do love the idea that cozy maybe like madara and obito and her mom who dead because of dragons and canon cozy love her mommy and the lose of her mommy hurt her deeply and that way she hates dragon so much (not spike because she see him more as a pony) and i'm going to make it that cozy deep down hates the world because of that pain she feels and deep down wants to be cute and lovable and the lose of her mommy and her first friends and two evil ponies name cheque mace and girtterani manipulation she was led to believe that that world was hell And her goal changed from protection to prevention similar to Obito's and madara and she truly believed that the way to peace was through the eternal dream with her as the head of world were the ones behind all for pain and lass and she wanted to use all magic in the world for eternal dream Realm because she believed that the world was evil and was a hell like she said a world of only peace and love a world of only Victors I will make such a world By collecting all the magic in the world into a single point and putting everyone in a Eternal dream And I'll be able to see my loved ones again even those who have died can be alive again The Impossible can become possible Wake up to Reality - Madara Uchiha's words I just need to get in contact with Hasbro

Hey I want to show you a picture. This deviant user has an audio drama idea, where she imagined an adult Diamond Tiara help reform an adult Cozy Glow. What do you think?

Hello I want to say I’m back. I just want to say I posted a comment in my account, after I took a 6 month break. I also want to have good relations with you and I’m truly sorry.

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