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I came, I saw, I got turned into a Brony. Tumblr link http://xeno-the-sharp-tongue.tumblr.com/


Movie stream check 12/11th · 7:25am Last Thursday

Was going to do a movie stream on the 11th and or 12th, what's a good time that works for you folks?

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Tarbtano Info Dump (because I had nowhere else to put it)


Live Feed of story writing

'Name': Tarbtano Grendelson
Residence: Florida, USA
Occupation: Museum worker and University student
End Goal: Paleontology and/or Herpetology
Favorite Animal: American Alligator and Turkey Vulture
Favorite Series: Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Hasbro in general, Pokemon, Digimon, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Marvel and DC, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Halo, and most of Nintendo, Twilight (Greatest comedy known to trollkind!)

Things I will never write: Erotica fiction (boring) and a 'hate-fic' (pointless)

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Biollante and Xenilla in a nutshell are apathetic towards humans unless humans prove useful (or more often meddlesome). So Bio swept the board clear to keep them from interfering for or against the plan to hold Senior off and Xenilla had already taken hits from human technology to know he wanted it out of his way. If it was important enough to be in space, it or something it was tied too could prove troublesome so best he saw to remove it, while also gaining Intel in doing so.

Hey Tarb! I got a question.

I heard that you have a personal HC that Biollante returned to earth for a second round to stop Godzilla's rampage in the movie yet she immediately destroyed all of the military vehicles in the area, and that Xenilla was making a straight beeline to protect the earth from Godzilla and wasn't needlessly cruel in the movie(at least that's what i think you said on that last part) but he destroyed a NASA station and killed everyone inside for seemingly no practical reason.

How do you explain that? Or to further clarify my question.

You've established Biollante and Xenilla as a Benevolent Neutral and Pragmatic Villain respectively in your personal Fanon yet there seem to be small "OOC" moments in the films such as Biollante lashing out at the SDF vehicles when she supposedly came back to stop Senior's rampage and Xenilla destroying a NASA station for no clear practical reason despite his objective being mainly focused on killing Senior?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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