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I came, I saw, I got turned into a Brony. Tumblr link http://xeno-the-sharp-tongue.tumblr.com/


Faith and Tarb Play: RWBY Grimm Eclipse! · 12:01am Last Thursday

Faith-Wolff and I are both fans of the series RWBY. Both of us have made characters for the setting and I even featured my creation in the work of my good friend, Evowizard with his series rewrite's fifth chapter, readable here.

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Tarbtano Info Dump (because I had nowhere else to put it)


Live Feed of story writing

'Name': Tarbtano Grendelson
Residence: Florida, USA
Occupation: Museum worker and University student
End Goal: Paleontology and/or Herpetology
Favorite Animal: American Alligator and Turkey Vulture
Favorite Series: Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Hasbro in general, Pokemon, Digimon, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Marvel and DC, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Halo, and most of Nintendo, Twilight (Greatest comedy known to trollkind!)

Things I will never write: Erotica fiction (boring) and a 'hate-fic' (pointless)

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Who's your favorite character?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry the Yonggary thing in Multiverse is going so fast, just it's a Valentine's Day thing, so I'm trying to get it at least mostly done by Valentine's Day.

Hard to tell, Guyver feats are a bit inconsistent across incarnations and specific examples. It's why I really don't like comparing characters of vastly different franchises, especially when you throw in the humanized element (why not just use Guyver Gigantic?). For instance take the control metal weak spot. In some versions just hitting it once without any especially high amount of force can severely disorient a guyver. Other times low caliber bullets can inflict heavy damage. And other times still the guyver walks through high temperatures, has buildings dropped on him (some debris had to have hit the metal) and gets punched in the face by hyper zoanoids, and the user is fine.

The weaponry is also a bit inconsistent. Sometimes the high frequency blades go through metal and zoanoids (who's durability also fluctuates) like butter, other times sufficiently dense materials can slow them down or stop them. The other weapons like the forehead heat beam, gravity cannon, and sonic blaster also vary greatly in effectiveness. Might all kill squishy humans and lower rank zoanoids no problem, but against other guyvers or higher tier zoanoids it gets dicey.

So to kinda go over the ones you listed, in very, very rough outline. And keep in mind this is all assuming the guyver user is experienced, knows how to use the suit, and is combat trained. If you threw Sho/Shaun at any of the above fresh, he'd get torn to shreds.

Toss up though I lean Junior on account of no weak spots and multiple wide range attacks (beam and pulse) which could hit the control metal or hit through the armor.

Xenilla -
Xenilla. Guyver has no real counter to telekinesis and is his beam can bend and arc to hit weak points. Not to mention the constant crystal growths could restrict the armor user's movements as, unlike Godzilla, they lack a full body shockwave to negate it.

Guyver probably unless Zilla went for the control metal.

Guyver again but with more difficulty. If Anguirus was at full strength though it be Junior's situation.

Marginally to Rodan. Sheer speed and flight abilities would make him hard to pin down.

X -
X though with difficulty. Armor doesn't stop joint breaks like X frequently uses and even if he didn't know about the control metal weakness, he's bound to hit the head anyways.

Alright, Tarb. As fans of both Guyver and Godzilla.

How do you think a basic Guyver suit compares to transformed Kaiju? Like say a Guyver had to go against a ponyfied/humanized Junior? Or Xenilla? Zilla, X, Anguirus, or Rodan?

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