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Tales of the Amalgam'verse: Ancient History Part 1 · 3:48pm October 10th

Proofed by Faith-Wolff and Lance Omikron! Something to help hold folks over

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Tarbtano Info Dump (because I had nowhere else to put it)


Live Feed of story writing

'Name': Tarbtano Grendelson
Residence: Florida, USA
Occupation: Museum worker and University student
End Goal: Paleontology and/or Herpetology
Favorite Animal: American Alligator and Turkey Vulture
Favorite Series: Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Hasbro in general, Pokemon, Digimon, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers, Marvel and DC, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Halo, and most of Nintendo, Twilight (Greatest comedy known to trollkind!)

Things I will never write: Erotica fiction (boring) and a 'hate-fic' (pointless)

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Who's your favorite character?

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Let's go with Amalgam-verse canon, perhaps

Tarb, don't be surprised if someday somehow. You find a can of spam seasoned with extra salt, and pickled in the fluid of my bitter tears delivered from your local post office.

But seriously, I'm not mad. I find all of this to be rather intriguing, and educational. Thanks, and have a good day, Tarb.

Sorry to say it, but yeah pretty much. Mosasaurus hoffmanni is an extremely impressive animal and I think would make mince meat of any modern macropredator aside from maybe a sperm whale*, it just didn't live at a time when animals over a dozen tons were common in the ocean so it was built to scale. Apex predator built for the prey of the time. Carcharocles megalodon lived in a time prey items over 20 or 30 tons were commonplace so it was built to scale. On average by the latest estimates, the shark would outweigh the lizard by a factor of four.

And although this will sound backwards, heavier animals are typically faster than smaller animals underwater and need less effort to maintain that speed because of interia. This is why the Great White Shark (Carcharodon), while the heaviest predatory shark, is actually the second fastest with a top speed of over 56 kmph. Megalodon is thought to have been potentially even faster in a burst and had a cruising speed over twice as fast at around 20 kmph. And given Lamnidae sharks like Megalodon are warm blooded already, the ancient shark's sheer mass would keep its body even warmer and more active due to the effects of gigantothermy.

Add in Lamnidae sharks have extremely thick hides, tough scales, and in Meg's case a crushing biteforce that would far exceed Mosasaurus', and.. well.. sorry to say but this didn't bode well for the reptile.

But none of this is throwing shade on the sea lizard. For it's time, Mosa was an absolute death machine and undoubtedly an apex predator. What we have here is just a case of a mismatch caused by differences in ecology. Mosasaurus was built to hunt prey that would be about average size when one makes an mean average size of that time period's marine mega-fauna. Megalodon lived at a time the average size of marine mega-fauna was arguably at its absolute largest. It's like the question of why a sabretoothed cat wouldn't be as large or powerful as a Tyrannosaurus, the predator scales with its ecosystem and Megalodon's was simply from a time larger size was selected for.

*Unlike Livyatan, the modern sperm whale (Physeter) only has teeth on the bottom jaw and only in males so they aren't as adept at attacking large prey, but their sonar bursts and ramming can be deadly

So my boy Mosa never stood a chance? :raritydespair:

Yep, agreed with the end result entirely. Though I got spam mail from an angry Mosa fanboy XD

  • Viewing 978 - 982 of 982
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