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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

Set after chapter 46 so be aware of spoilers!

Bagan, an ancient word meaning extinction lived up to the name. 70,000 years ago it almost rendered humanity extinct on Terra and set down actions that would lead to loss of magic in that world to permanently change the future. Sealed away until it managed to free itself, the nightmare from the world of monsters now threatens Equestria.
Harmony, the living goddess of creation within the tree of her namesake. The creator of the Crystal Heart and laments that bear her name among other relics, she has selflessly given away her power for hundreds of years to protect mortals. Even with much of her power given away, she still keeps protective vigil over the worlds as a mother would her children.

Previously they had fought, the battle ending in a draw. But what could extinction and creation possibly have in common?

Cover art edited from works of Pyrus-Leonidas and Faith-Wolff

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Conceived in the minds of multiple children and adult children across the nations since the 1980s, the three big Hasbro properties stumble into one another in a surprising way. Written with the intention of being introductory for most readers, with prior knowledge not being required.

Soon after the Autobots and GI Joe become aware of one another and team up against the forces of COBRA and the Decepticons, a joint mission to spy and sabotage an enemy base finds the stakes growing higher and the surprising getting much cuddlier and littler when something very unexpected comes through a portal. What happens when two (semi) series franchises find someone from a gag series wandering about? Find out as heroes team-up, villains are left perplexed as two thirds of their enemies are, and someone let the pony drive!


GI JOE, Transformers, and My Little Pony owned by Hasbro

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A Halloween short set in the Bridge/Amalgam'verse continuity family, however reading is not required.
(Just don't think too hard on when, tis just a short)

Their fates changed after their encounter with the kaiju and now back to normal, relatively speaking, life slowed down for the Dazzlings into the fall. The sirens more or less have adapted quick to the human realm, though holidays are often still beyond them. So when Halloween catches the youngest sea witch's eye, what's Sonata to do to try and get them into the spirit of things than layout the meaning of it all as she sees it?

Cover art by Faith-Wolff
Cover Art Link

Old cover art by EpsilonTLOSdark4
Original Picture Here

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The Bridge and Pokemon Masters crossover!

Eons ago, an entity from a world of magical creatures called pokemon came to the world fated to become Equestria. It never returned. In the present day, while Equestria is dealing with a recent influx of giant monsters called kaiju from a realm called Terra; two teams go looking for what was lost. One seeks under instruction from the being's creator to bring it and the countless lives aboard it back home. The other has far more nefarious intent in mind for this goliath called, Kardas.

Written by Metroid Prime and Tarbtano
Cover image by the lovely Faith-Wolff
Characters based off respective franchises by Hasbro, Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Toho Company

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After an encounter with a certain stranger-turned-friend on a late train to Canterlot, Flash Sentry goes back to where he started from, figuratively and literally, to get some insight. Coming from a heroic lineage filled with legendary guards, captains, doctors, and law enforcement over the centuries gives a lot of pressure to live up to it all. His earliest ancestor was the founder of the Royal Guard, and his own father was a legendary captain. Flash is convinced he doesn't measure up. But some memories might offer some clarity to the situation to see if, by large deed or small; just who Flash is. Not a crush, not a guard, but a Sentry; and just what the legacy of being that entails.


In canon with "The Bridge: A Godzilla - MLP Crossover" but that is not required reading. This is rather a side story using just the canon Equestrian elements as well as my created Sentry lineage.

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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

"Everyone knows dinosaurs are extinct... but what if they're wrong?"

Maia Search of Canterlot High School, after spending a year in recovery from a gymnastics injury and longer time recovering from grief; goes to her mother's summer camp to serve as a counselor. While there, she and her friends, Babs Seed's older sister Sunflower Orange and nature lover Sandalwood, find themselves wrapped up in a mystery 65 million years in the making. It's between five and six feet tall, covered in feathers, and much smarter than they could have imagined. And it's not alone...


A retelling of the original Discovery Kids' 2007 show, DinoSapien, set in the Equestria Girls universe along with elements of the IDW comics, with background characters leading the roles as well as updated paleontological science.

This takes place in the same Equestria Girls altered continuity as The Bridge after it's version of Rainbow Rocks, however that is not required reading as it deals with different characters in a remote area and will not star any of the kaiju roster.

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This story is a sequel to Hunters: The Bridge

Part 2 of 2, Read part 1 here.

The battle with the monstrous titan, Nyum-Bunet, has just grown to a whole new scale now that Godzilla Junior has joined the fray. But when both the King of the Monsters and the Monster Hunter's weapons fail to put the behemoth down, our heroes are forced to get creative....

A non-canon crossover collaboration special made with The Psychopath.

Written in collaboration by The Psychopath and Tarbtano
Proofread by Lance-Omikron
Godzilla Junior property of Toho Company Ltd.
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Hasbro Studios
Nyum-Bunet, Zealos, Spiral Tooth, and Commodore Boulder by Psychopath
Blueberry Frost owned and copyrighted by Sword-of-Akasha and licensed by Shadows of Shattered Dreams, all rights reserved

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Giant monster invasions and national emergencies is little excuse to exclude the cutesier moments that result when denizens of two realms bump into each other. Sometimes it takes literally meeting someone from a completely different world to find who you mesh with.

Cover art by Emkay-MLP

Warning contains fluff and lots of it. Shameless, shameless fluff that Cadance approves of. As well as massive spoilers for "The Bridge: A Godzilla - MLP Crossover".

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Canon with The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover, taking place 1,000 years prior to a largely unknown chapter in Princess Celestia's life. Namely, the worst time of her life. She was young, alone for the first time and yet surrounded; and the nation that will one day adore her wasn't so warm...

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Phoenix Flamez is a kindly citizen of Appleloosa, having recently moved in shortly before the Gyaos attack. Thankfully unharmed and with the town back on the way to recovery, her mind drifts to other matters. It's then she had a chance meeting with quite possibly the most unique being Appleloosa has ever encountered.

And kaiju don't dance.

Made as a gift to a good friend and valued member of the Amalgam'verse group, FallenAngel5414 or simply just "Angel" as some fellow readers know her as. Hats off to you all for you support of her and all bows granted to the artist herself.

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