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This story is a sequel to The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover

Celebrating 7 years of The Bridge!
After a shocking realization, Mariner Chibi Moon departs on an epic quest to get her sensei, Godzilla Junior; something to celebrate his birthday! She will brave the distant corners of Equestria, and cross paths with some of the zaniest characters and places we've come to love over half a decade of crossover.

But hey, she's the daughter of two senshi guardians, is a bundle of magic, and is the protege to a kaiju; what could happen?

Cover art by Faith-Wolff
Proofing by Faith-Wolff and Lance-Omikron
Special Guest writing by EvoWizard
Original story idea by KingXanaduu

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 48 )

Did.... you just do a routine similar to Who's On First Base?

Yep, because I had a character named Starlight appear several years before Starlight Glimmer appeared.

“Hey don’t get me wrong, daughter of a fashionista here so I don’t mind girly stuff. But I could never imagine this big lug taking me to some gala on a date night,” Rainbow Dash snickered as Rodan glanced up at her.

RoDash shippers:

Man, that was quite the hectic day. Love that Chibi’s adventure started with wanting to make something nice for Junior and led her to interact with the guards (laughed at the name discussion about Starlight), learn about Twilight’s scientific rivalry with Xenilla, watching Chibi’s opinión about how wild Ponyville is, and seeing Xenilla relaxed around his unicorn friends while Blade Dancer tends to Chibi. Overall, this was a fun chapter, especially with all the crazy things that happened.

That was hilarious, especially Xenilla, Key Ring, and Sunburst acting like nerds and Chibi Moon shipping Rainbow Dash and Rodan.

So based on the tags, Chibi Moon will visit the Equestria Girls world. Interesting.

Chibi Moon wagged her tail and braced herself as the rune below her hooves ignited with magic and started to spin around her. Oh yes the more logical side of her brain was telling her Twilight Sparkle was sending her to the Empire partially to show off to the other researchers up there, but the more fun-loving part of her brain was just all too eager to get teleported across the continent! This was gonna be fun!

This can only end well and with no negative consequences what so ever.

The three’s respective horns all glimmered to life as the magic was prepared to be cast. They all leaned in closer with determination and the most purified concentration visible on their faces. They all drew close and let loose just as-

Chibi Moon appeared in a flash of teal light and puff of purple smoke between them, happy as can be and beaming brightly.

"Kon'nichiwa!" she shouted with her eyes closed.

"OH *@&Y#$!)(@*!!"

There it is.

Hmm, from what she's been gathering, her "cake" is going to turn into some sort of shogoth-esque eldrich abomination, or its going to be the most wonderful thing ever. Guess which one my money's on?

Well Rainbow Dash and Applejack are an item, so I can see how it wouldn't work out with her and Rodan

It is intentionally made to be ambiguous as to what exactly the speedster dolts are up to. They clearly are quite comfortable around the other and mesh well, but any actual romance is really vague at best. They just might be that dense. :P

Well, I think that all the speedsters on the Wonderbolts are like that. Do to the nature of the stunts they do a certain amount of familiarity like Rainbow Dash and Rodan are showing is needed. That way if something is wrong the team will be quick to pick up on it.

7 Years... Damn, it feels like a few months at most since I started reading this...

Anyway, really liked that chapter and the concept of this anniversary-special has a whole, I always love me some good slice of life stuff, especially since main story chapters don't come out often. Also, I feel like this cake will probably be a massive abomination that wants to eat people in the end seeing all the ingredients that definitely shouldn't got together that she's gonna put in it.

Also-also, little miscolor I found :


Should have Rarity's color, has Fluttershy's.

Rainbow Dash winked as she fluttered her wings and got off Rodan’s back, “Yep! gotcha covered, small fry. Though I really wouldn’t recommend eating the whole thing yourself with how tiny you are. You’d be bouncing up and down from the ground level to here even without that cool pink death ray.”

Considering this will be on Junior's birthday cake... We're Gonna be seeing a Hyper Caffeinated Junior rampage on HindenKong, aren't we?

7 years and your still going i salute you good sir

That would no joke be kinda adorable. Wholesome Junior is best Junior.

OMG, this chapter was amazing. My favorite part had to be when Chibi visits Ki Seong and Anguirus, especially how sweet those two act around each other and can easily make the other blush. I also loved the return to Mirorverse comic Gigan, especially since he now talks like Lobo. The crossover with Aprils Fools was awesome and funny since it gave hints about Chibi’s feelings about her future and also gave me a few laughs. Overall, this chapter is great.

So many awesome cameos! I take it a continuation of the Freaky Friday special is coming soon, given Chibi talked about Junior and her fighting Queen Beryl?

Okay, Chibi continues to be almost baby chinchilla levels of adorable and precious.

“Snrkaha! I gotcha covered my little pony! Observe!” Pinkie Pie reached around and casually pulled off all the fur on her tail.

Just roll with it Chibi. You'll keep your sanity longer.

That was fun! Now, I'm waiting to see how spectacularly things will go wrong next chapter, because my narrative senses are telling me its going to be spectacular.

Sunset shrugged, “I like spicy foods. Sue me.”

If during chapter 3 Junior cries then I’ll have a dang heart attack.

Does this mean there is a permanent portal between the Shimmerverse and the Amanglamverse?

Pretty fun chapter, the return to the crossovers you made earlier was a nice thing too. Got a good laugh outta it. Also, remind me to NEVER ask how Chibi somehow found out that her parents read Tentacle Hentai or how it even became a thing in the first place in Equestria.

Sadly tho, I found a few faults, a few more than normally if I dare say so:

“No doubting you can make a great one, though!”

No colors, should have Chibi's

“This brew of cider’s a good all-purpose. No matter what you put in it, it's gonna smell and taste like apples, which most folks like just fine. Ye’ can drink it, stew it, bake it in, anything really. Can’t see how putting it in a cake could go wrong.”

Miscolor, should have Thalia's, somehow has Anguirus'.

“Yep. I had some fun making cookies with Sunset for her momma while I was here though.”

No color, should have Chibi's

“It does my heart good to see fillies like her in other worlds,”
“It’s good to see you again, my little one.”

No color for both, should have Celestia's.

“Why ever would you think that of me, my precious daughter?”

Miscolor, should have Celestia's, has Sunset's.

Appart from that, great chapter has said above, can't wait for the finale to see what that abomination of a cake will look like.

Figure's CHIBI herself would go out of her way to make probably the most memorable gift for Junior.....which hopefully doesn't end in destructive DISASTER!!

And man, this whole chapter is rocking with references, from Who's on First, to Sailor Moon, heck I was even wondering if Fluttershy interrupting Chibi's "sailor attack" is a reference to the long anime transformation sequences? XD

And Dashie? Rodan......I'll be honest.....JUST KISS ALREADY!!! XD

Seriously, this is a great anniversary chapter Tarb, looking forward to the rest.....and thanks for this awesome belated Birthday gift. :3

And thus begins the grand adventure of an adorable pink pone going off on her own heroic adventure!

And with actually reasonably-long chapters! I love the novel-per-chapter length of The Bridge, but having somehting more more bite-sized is nice, too!

Are there going to be more crazy world-hopping adventures with Chibi? Because holy hark I can see endless potential to tis madness! Also, yay, we're approaching the grand finale!

Sorry for the lateness of this comment. I do really like this chapter. It's nice to have some downtime for the heroes and it's full of sweet little interactions. I think my favorite part has to be how casually Fluttershy was dodging the creatures while she was thinking. Nice little bit of comedy and plays into her knowledge of animals really well to know how they act and react. Great usage of character and that little battle royale was nice to read. Loved it and everything else.

Well....... didn't expect the April Fool's section to actually be the deepest and most thought provoking part of the story for Chibi Moon. Not that I'm complaining. The idea of growing up knowing you are going to be a magical girl while being raised by one is actually pretty intriguing and I don't think I've ever seen it before being explored like this. So kudos for something original and really interesting. (I also agree with Chibi on Pinkie just taking off her tail fur was disturbing. XD)

Great work so far and I see the addition of a certain roguish fellows work here as well. XD Loved it and everything here. It's always fun to give you some help with these stories. Great to do so and always looking for more of it. Love this story thus far but I loved all of your work.

“You want that one?” Destroyah casually noted as she had a filly that was not one of the usual three perched on her back as she looked up at the tree.

It's nice to see Des continue to act nicely after all the development she's gone through.

“But, can I still have one? Just one? Pretty pretty please please,” Chibi Moon teleported to Applejack’s feet, giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes and bowing at her hooves, “Please Lady Applejack, Bucker of Monsters and Slayer of Fox Demon Bi-“

I blame Gentle Leaf for teaching her that word. We all know the quiet little minx is an unapologetic sinner.

“Beyond the special technique of the Godzilla Dynastic Clan! Thermonuclear Beam, Mariner Chibi Moon style!”

Destroyah and Applejack deadpanned as they quickly looked at each other with a mix of confusion as well as worry.

Chibi Moon grinned and took in a deep breath, “Piiiiiink!”

Chibi's words are uncolored, though aside from that. The character interactions in these chapters have been solid thus far.

Ki Seong snickered and motioned behind her to a large stallion that walked up beside her with a seafood platter, pecking the doe on the cheek and causing Seong to turn a few shades of red.

“King Godzilla told him,” the kirin explained as she snuggled up beside Anguirus as he set the food down, giving her a peck on the cheek.

Anguirus picked up the line and eyed the filly, “And I told her. You must be his pupil I’ve heard so much about.”

Chibi Moon wanted to squeal from the recognition but instead bowed again, “Honored Titanic Defender Anguirus, defender of playgrounds and summer camps-”

Anguirus deadpanned slightly in bemusement at his title.

Chibi looked back up at him with giant puppy dog eyes, “… Could I pwetty please have your favor in asking your girlfriend for some tea?”

Now it was Anguirus’ turn to widen his eyes and start blushing, an act that only got more extreme when Seong pecked him on the cheek and levitated a bag of grounds over to Chibi Moon’s little saddle bag.

And now we have our old school pairing finally acting like a couple. Now just f-... Marry already. Though seriously, considering that these two were gonna be the original leads in the first few concepts of The Bridge & where they are now just gives a feeling of how far The Bridge has come.

Pinkie Pie nodded as she looked at a calendar she pulled out from behind her back, “Yep, right on schedule. We’re like a wacky version of 2020 around here, something exciting every other day.”

Ha, Meta Humor.

“You look just like Miku! Song’s a bit older than her, but the beat fits. It’s one of my parents’ favorites!” Chibi Moon keened as she danced along with Phoenix as her back-up, “Sure I didn’t intrude?”

Oh hey, Miku reference. Miku is a guilty pleasure of mine(ironically I may be more of a fan than this OC' owner XP).

Mane-iac looked at her through her mask blankly, still thinking through her options. Half an hour ago, this little girl appeared out of nowhere during another battle with an escaped Masked Matter-Horn, intervening in the conflict. While she wasn’t necessarily sociable and was more than a little concerned at her age, time had warmed her to the possibility of other heroes out there. Not everyone was Shadowbolt. She would have probably reprimanded her for getting involved at such an age and left it at that… except the observation that this “Mariner Moon” addressed her as her secret identity of Mica Hackett, and claimed time was short.

Should I not be surprised that her mind hasn't broken at the fact that she's a Comic Character?

“He’s been staying and helping out after some misadventures,” Mica deadpanned while chewing on the roll in her cheek, “He wasn’t intolerable.”

Gigan paused but flashed a very big grin as he leaned down towards Mariner Moon, “She’s been warming up to me ever since I helped out with housekeeping… And helped out on the street… and kept Detective Pin-Eyes off her back… and-“

Nice to see these duo back together, who totally aren't together, Gigan is just the House Maid!

She didn’t quite realize how being in a place that looked like Neighpon would bring up some homesickness. Memories of going to her parents favorite park on some evenings, helping Auntie Pyre Mars clean the cool looking temple shrines, spending time at Auntie Dawn Venus’ boutique, to visiting the coral reefs with her mermare Auntie Raine Mercury to look at the beautiful fish, or enjoying some of Auntie Stormy Jupiter’s cooking under the table were flooding back. This would be her first birthday without any of them.

While I confess to not being all that much invested in Chibi's character. You've been handling her homesickness, and feelings of loneliness & inadequacies quite superbly along The Bridge.

“I overheard, and Pinkie’s right. The best singer ever is no match for a good chorus! And the best chorus is always better than the sum of the parts,” she shot Chibi Moon a thumbs up, “So the bigger the pod the better, I say!”

And to add to Sonata's point here. Even individual singers tend to be supported by a band with their instruments. Most great people honestly don't accomplish their feats by themselves, they make it to their goals with the support they've gained.

Chibi knew it was fate she ended up as the character she did, having heard of a similar magical mishap involving a Power Ponies comic. Oh sure, she got an inkling of that when she ended up as a young magical girl still cutting her teeth; but this, this here had to be fate. She swiped a warm cup and grounds bags of familiarity off the front stock, putting some coinage on the counter to cover for it on account of nobody being present to pay. Turns out Japan and Neighpon had something else important in common too. Happy as can be, she paced out of the Takamachi family shop with a bag of her favorite coffee grounds and a hot cup of the stuff to guzzle on the way back home.

Ah, so this will be where we get our Caffeine Rampage Junior.

And unfortunately, I will have to skip the Shimmer'verse section on my review. It's nothing personal against Evo. I merely don't understand a whole lot about the Shimmer'verse & thus have little to work with critically.

With that said. Overall, this was a solid chapter for the Anniversary special. The character interactions were on point, the comedy for the most part worked great(the 2020 joke & Frank Miller jab were iffy), and Chibi herself works fine as the Protag of this special.

Oh god I love this. This is so funny and true to the Bridges characters it’s amazing!

In a Different Universe...
Chibi: Well... Mister Hopkins sir, I... I know I'm supposed to take my mother's mantle as a Guardian, and I know it's a great honor! But... what if by the time I take it, I don't have any other Guardians to help me? I have so many to defend, and I don't want to let them all down!

Hopkins: sighs, closing his eyes for a moment before looking at Chibi You come from a lineage of heroes, and that counts for a lot in expectations. But at the end of the day, you have not just Guardians to rely on. Your family, your friends, allies, even common people who want to help. The only way you are ever going to let them down, is if you stop caring about them. Take it from me, that's not a state of mind you ever want to have.

Chibi: Then... how do you do it?

Hopkins: ...the only way I can. One day at a time.

Reposted here on request of Tarb.

Can’t remember the name of the Chibi x Godzilla story of them switching ages and fighting one of her moms villains.

It was in the main Bridge story; the chapters "Omake: Gojira tai Chibi-Tsuki - Furīkī Furaidē" and its part 2. It is not finished yet.

Cake powered Godzilla, now that is going to be interesting to see.

I am deathly afraid of this "so called CAKE"

When will the last chapter come?

takin a good while to finish this celebration, eh?

Aww! the birthday party bit was really sweet!

Also looks like Jr and Luna are catching up to the other couples in showing obvious affection slowly but surely.

Aside from some words missing the right color(which isn't a big deal since it's easy to tell who's talking)
i can't see anything else amiss. Nice work Tarb!

OMG, this was a pleasant surprise. Came out on my older brother’s birthday. Love the fact that Chibi knows how to have a Henshin moment and that she is capable of holding her own against a cake monster. That crossover with the Bleach story was unexpected, but also quite fun, and I love how Junior and Luna act like patient and understanding parents when they help Chibi out of the mess. Junior and Chibi’s birthday scene was very sweet, especially with all the couples having fun while Junior and Luna are getting more emotionally intimate. The ending with the candles in the cake was sweet and adorable.

Well, we all knew Chibi's spell was going to go sideways, and we were right. Still, Hedora-cake beast was definitely a surprise.

The scene where she finds the warning reminded me of this scene from the movie Doctor Strange: " Yeah, you know, you really should have stolen the whole book, because the warnings... the warnings come after the spells."

Mariner Chibi Moon

I see what you did there :ajsmug:
Lovely story, much wholesome, have an upvote that I should have given months ago.

You could say that the well written battle and sweetly handled interactions of the characters was the icing on this cake. Chibi's initial plan may have been half-baked, but she managed to churn out a win over her non-nutritious nemeis. A heartwarming bonding with her sensei was the cherry on top. I can't think of any more food related puns off the top of my head.

You think you have enough references
Sailor Moon Pokemon what next ultraman?!

-‘Warning: Do not mix this spell with caffeine, caffeine is evil and will make it a monster.- Mariner Moon’-


Like a spider inspecting a fly, Kooky Keki leaned closer to a very befuddled looking Sweetberry; the pink-furred, blue-and-green-maned mare stuck to her baking stand with her sisters Triple Treat and Cotton Candy.

Oh my God, Yus! More Gen 3 ponies. And my OG girl Sweetberry!

-Resistant to physical blows, removed parts have a mind of their own, and can absorb substances to get bigger! It’s like a sugary version of Hedorah!-

Ha, that sludge bastard.

-I just wanted to make something special for Sensei, to give him a birthday present like all the other ones I’d gotten… Folks like him do so much good to get so little, and yet I woke up this morning wondering what I get…-

Aaaaaw :fluttercry:

It was a much calmer day sometime later in that week, though the populace gathering was not especially calm itself. The small lake in the precipice plateau of Canterlot mountain had an ample gathering about it. Fluttershy conducted a choir of birds to provide a tune as the three little Crusaders eagerly joined into a dance number Phoenix Flamez was putting on, no doubt trying to see if step coordination could lead to a new cutie mark as Destroyah feigned disinterest while keeping a watchful eye.

Nix getting a feeling some pony is judging her XD

Well, this was a fun ride. And a good final to end on this diabetes inducing adventure.

I really had a lot of fun reading this. Lol. And the birthday party at the end was adorable.
The only question I'd like to ask is about when Junior tried to use magic on that piece of cake. Is he studying magic?

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