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Just a random account to read some S P I C E Y fan-fictions and occasionaly comment ... I think ?


The End of an Era . · 9:41am Oct 13th, 2019

Hey hey people , Dino here . Wait , where is that intro from again ? Meh who cares , y'all are here to listen to me rambling about the end of the series , aren't you ? Well good for you , I will do exactly that !

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Godzilla vs Kong crossover is now published! Would love to get your input on my story once more! :heart:

I knew your art reminded me of The Bridge's ! Guess I just never made the link between the two fanfics.

That aside, thank you for making such great art, not only for TOTK or The Bridge but also in general, I'm not extremely familiar with your art but I do recall having spent a few minutes on your DeviantArt page and what I saw there was extremely good (special note for the Pacific Rim drawings) so it's only fair to say that in general you're an amazing artist.

I’m just coming here to say thank you for loving my artwork of “The One True King” so far.
I also made other artwork related to The Bridge and Gojipower12’s Godzilla MLP/MV trilogy.

To share a few things about me:
-Shrek was the reason why I started becoming an artist
-I usually watch Shrek memes while I make art
-I also do other artstyles like Anime and The Loud House
-I am friends with Tarbtano and other members of the Amalgam’verse group. He and the others appreciated my fan art and I became a member of the group.
-Faith Wolf is what inspired me of making Godzilla and MLP art.

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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