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“If the youth are not initiated into the tribe, they will burn down the village, just to feel its warmth.” — African proverb

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You’ve written several of my favorite stories on this website, and while I hope some of them are updated someday, I hope more that you’re doing well. I wish you the best 💚

Accidentally clicked the wrong link in TvTropes, the one which leads me to your profile page instead to one of the Lunaverse chapters. Your pfp caught my attention, and I felt like I've seen it in Derpibooru before but I can't exactly remember the artist. Beautiful pfp by the way. Is it okay to know who made that?

P.S Found the original version. Your friend did an absolute job changing the colors. Not gonna lie, I almost mistaken her for one of the Shadowbolts, Nightingale, due to their resemblance I found in some artworks of her in Derpibooru.

Just leaving a friendly note here that you're awesome and you deserve to know it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 321 - 325 of 325
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