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I keep staring at that "Block RainbowDoubleDash" button, and I can't help but wonder what would happen if I clicked it...

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Happy New Year

Huh, news to me. Thanks for letting me know, I'll go and fix them.

That’s fine, it’s just the links I encountered on your fics does’t work anymore. I thought it got canceled or something.

TTales of Ponyville
Six mares, six tales, all connecting together
RainbowDoubleDash · 47k words  ·  385  10 · 6.5k views


It's still going, it's just slowed down a lot.

I blame myself. 2017 was a REALLY bad year for me, and I didn't update any of my stories at all during it, which probably had a ripple effect to other authors, though some of their stories did update during 2017.

I've updated "For a Few Bits More" recently, however, and am about a quarter of the way through the next chapter of it.

What happened with the Lunaverse group?

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Hearth’s Warming Helper, Lunaverse style! · 12:47pm Dec 18th, 2018

So some of the Lunaverse’s authors, including myself, have gotten together to write a group Hearth’s Warming story. Just thought I’d give it a bit of a signal boost here. It was a group project coordinated by Talon & Thorn.


Enjoy! One chapter is being posted per day, the last should go up on the 24th.

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