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What is this place?
This group is primarily for deciding where stories will fit into the canon of the Lunaverse. It's a place where authors can submit their story for review by myself and the four moderators of the Lunaverse - InsertAuthorHere, Fizzy Orange, GrassAndClouds2, and Emeral Bookwise.

It should be noted that ultimately the other four are serving in an advisory capacity, and the final decision about whether or not a story is made canon rests with me, RainbowDoubleDash.

Submitting a Story for Canon
Submitting your story for vetting by us five is simple - just post in this group's forum that you have a story you'd like to see make it to canon, making sure that your thread has a link to the story.

Minimum Requirements:
- You have to have at least 1 chapter done with the story. It doesn't have to be submitted to FiMFiction, it can be in Google Documents or something, but we just need something that we can read and measure.
- You must provide responses to the following questions:
- Who are the main characters, and who are the major secondary characters?
- In what way is the story intended to advance any of the characters involved? Note that not intending to advance any of the characters involved does not preclude canonization.
- What, if anything, would you like to see show up in later Lunaverse stories?

There are three levels of Lunaverse canon:

- Canon: These are the core stories of the Lunaverse that advance its plot or characters in some way. As a general rule, to make it into canon, a story has to include one of the following characters as a main character: Trixie, Lyra, Raindrops, Carrot Top, Cheerilee, Ditzy, or Dinky.
Examples: Boast Busted, A Concert for Ponyville, Up and Automaton

- Semi-Canon: These stories primarily involve secondary or tertiary characters. Semi-canon stories are considered just fine for canon, but since they don't involve a main character in a prominent role they're not organized as part of the main series. They can still contain important plot or character details, though.
Examples: An Early Reunion, Elements of Insanity, Treasure City.

- Non-Canon: These stories simply can't be involved in canon due to conflicts in tone or story, or because they were written as part of one of our writing events. However, since they're not part of canon, they're free to go in any direction they want. Also, non-canon stories don't have to be vetted by the Quorum: you can just write them and submit them to your heart's content. There's even a possibility that we might ask to elevate a non-canon to canon status, if we think it would be a good addition. It's happened.
Examples: In the Heat of the Moment, Fate/Lunaverse, The Worst Mother in Equestria.

How will discussions about the status of a story be handled?
Myself, Emeral, Grass, IAH, and Fizzy will discuss the fics amongst ourselves on the Quorum thread you make. If we have any questions, we'll ask you directly in that thread; if you have any questions, you can just ask them there yourself.

After five days of discussion, based on that discussion and my own impressions about how the story will serve the Lunaverse's larger canon, I'll reach a decision regarding whether it will be considered canon, semi-canon, or non-canon, and inform you of it in the thread.

There's no "strike" system, by the way. If a story is rejected from canon, you can edit it and re-submit it any number of times for fresh consideration.

Why "quorum," though?
I like alliteration, and "council of canon" seemed too obvious.

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