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It's been uncounted millenia since the last of Twilight's first friends passed away. Even their names have passed into legend and myth, forgotten by the slow march of time. Now on a far away planet, she finds her musing upon all of her friends over the long years interrupted by her latest faithful student, Calming Waltz.

Now if she can only get that silly pony off to her wedding, and maybe teach her something about why her romance and wedding to come is so special and wonderous... Or at least something for Twilight to get a laugh out of, anyway.

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*hands you my star and like*
This is epic.
That is all.

Jarkes #2 · Apr 3rd, 2013 · · 75 ·

Really? One of THESE stories? I have no doubt you've written an excellent story here, but these kinds of stories just infuriate me.

Why? BECAUSE NOTHING IN THE SHOW, OR FROM THE CREATORS HAS SUGGESTED THAT TWILIGHT IS NOW IMMORTAL AND WILL OUTLIVE ALL HER FRIENDS. Same deal with Cadance. Something like this shouldn't piss me off so much, but it just does.


Better than 'Oh woe is me, my friends died and I must mope for eternity despite all efforts to give me new hope and friends!' that infests the site.

I got very, VERY sick and tired of the 'woe is me' Twilicorn fics.

You are not the only one. It's really gotten tiring.

Jarkes #5 · Apr 3rd, 2013 · · 3 ·

2365499 ...Okay, maybe I should've actually read it before making that comment. This really is a nice story, and better than the angstfests these types of stories tend to be.

Although, to be honest, I was a little confused about the stuff with Cadance. Is she continually reincarnated or something? Is that what happened at the very end?


Well, yeah. I got sick and tried of the angst.

So I figured, 'What would Pinkie Pie make Twilight do?' and added '2-3 million years of working through any mental problems' + 'meditating until Pinkie and all her friends made perfect sense' to get "Old Mare Sparkleson, Princess of Awesome Friendship":facehoof::twilightsheepish:

I'm just pissed off that they don't have a 'bittersweet' tag, and they say that sadness and comedy can't go together. Yes they can!

And yes, Cadance respawned at the end. Romance is a little less special the second time around, so she sort of phoenixy-timelordishly regenerates and sends a piece of her soul into the afterlife so that her beloved is never lonely, and so that she is always experiencing love again for the first time as that chunk regenerates.

Cadence, Alicorn of Love and Element of Magic? Woe to any villain who try to fight the Elements this cycle now.

So how connected is this to your Scootaverse?

Woe to Twilight. She remembers all of Twilight's magical tricks.


Not at all.

Oh man, I really like what you did here. At the beginning I was just beginning to think I should stop reading these stories, because all they do is make me sad. And then I read on.

I really enjoyed this. Let me just say that right now before I continue. I started this story with a frown. For some reason that frown right now is upside down. That was really upbeat. I'm not entirely sure I understood the whole planet hopping thing, and I found that Celestia's and Luna's fate was rather unclear (Still alive is the vibe I feel), but I like how after a couple millennia Twilight figured out how to overcome her problems. I really enjoyed this story. It was completely refreshing from the usual fics which threaten to smother readers in their angst-ridden bosoms.


Well, what else is Twilight supposed to do after a few million years, and chasing around Cadance who she promised to be a best pony friend forever (Boy she wasn't kidding) from world to world.

And she might maybe be getting on her interstellar space friendship pony jesus awesome on while she's at it.

*Snort* Perfect ending. Should've seen it coming a light-year away, too. And yeah, good alicorn-Twilight here.

Thus was the pillow fight to end all pillow fights begun.

And Celestia laughed the whole way through. :trollestia:

This was great. I've been wanting to see a story where twilight doesn't get all suicidy after her friends die. People die, and you move on that's life. No matter how sad I would be for a while if all my friends died I would still survive. If I can fucking do it then the immortal goddess of magic/friendship/purple can too.

Fairly good read, even if the story was partially mirroring that of Cadence's own wedding. I love how things went from calm and assuring to wildly dramatic at the end, which could set up for a sequel. Perhaps we could see the next generation of the Elements of Harmony strike down the 'Evil' Cadence? It'd be something to be engaged with, at least. After all, Scootamom hasn't updated for a while, and it is slow to come up with more material.

Ah, good to see a story where Twilight doesn't want to kill herself after her friends die.

Congrats on making featured BTW
I would have called it in my comment, but I was scared I would jinx you XD

thats a very well done fiuc, btw i sort of enjoy one or two woe is me twilicorn fics but after that they get very very old
anyone who will suffer a 1st fic and comment look up my profile plz and read my fic

I think this is what you would call... a Bittersweet Tale with a happy ending?

I can't tell you how glad I am to read a story in which immortality is presented as a positive thing. Bravo. :trollestia:


Less 'wildly dramatic' and more 'ARRRGH! YOU TROLLED ME, YOU MAGNIFICENT [BUY MOAR APPLES!]'

Hah. The ending was cute, I don't think there's a better word for it.

This story was quite wonderful. I loved it.
Thing is, given what was said about back pain, I actually thought that Calming Waltz was pregnant and her foal was going to be Cadance. Then she sprouts wings.
Caught me totally off guard there. Great story! Any chance of seeing more of this generations Elemental adventures?

Potential, I like it


If you want to write about them, sure! Plenty of tales to be told about Old Mare He- Old Mare Sparkleson and her crazy crew of crafty conniving Conmares (and Con-stallion).

Granted, it's something like a couple of million of years in the future from the crowning of Princess Sparkle, so... yeah.

I really, REALLY liked this story.

It gave me the warm fuzzies inside. :3


The lack of mention of any new alicorns and the heavy parallels between the future history ponies and the original cast hurt my enjoyment of the story a bit. It felt like history was a million generations of Friendship is Magic reruns, none of them expanding meaningfully on the original.


Well, does 'oh yeah, and here are all these OTHER alicorns!' really help or hurt it? Granted, I might have conveyed some of the wrong message, I was going for a lighter version of nBSG's 'all this has happened before, and will happen again' type deal.

Well is not like lack of information has ever stop fics.


It made Twilight's generation seem like the only one in a million since to be capable of producing alicorns.


Considering the implications of the story, it's more likely geared toward a little of both. You have set the ground for a sequel, thus bringing suspense and drama; however, it also reads as comical, as Cadence is easily more than a little furious with Twilight but unable to do a thing about it.

No, no, not POtential, PONYtential.

Hehe, back to sanity now, I liked it. Agree with the whole 'Too many sad Twilicorn' fics that I like to call annoying.

Makes me wonders ow her hubbie will react to wings. :rainbowhuh: Better: :facehoof:

2365490 Just because the show doesn't suggest it, it doesn't mean people shouldn't write fics about it. Should we complain about Derpy the mailmare? Vinyl Scratch and Octavia? Lyra and Bon Bon? Any and all shipfics?
Most fanfiction is stuff that doesn't happen/isn't mentioned in the show.


Leave him be, he's already repented.

Also, how the HAY do I have more upvotes than favs!?!

I just don't know what went wrong...:derpytongue2:

I know it says complete...but come on! Make another chapter cause this was just freaking hilarious! God you could make this thing into something even more awesome!

Wait...can you even add more awesome to something extremely awesome...

2366562 Oops. Bad tone to my comment there. :fluttershysad:
Better fix it.
It wasn't necessarily a comment for one person, but to all who think this way. Its one standard for things they like, another standard for things they think other people shouldn't like.

Oh, and regarding favourites? Because no one wants to track it (it already being finished), I guess. The term 'favourite' is so misleading. Very few use it for what it's called.

...Where is Spike in all this? I'm kind of sad he's not even mentioned.

I think this story reads well with this, but just barely. It's close enough.

Rainbow's.... d-d-d-dead????:rainbowderp::applecry::raritycry::raritydespair:

I got very, VERY sick and tired of the 'woe is me' Twilicorn fics.


Nicely done, liked it a lot, The only part that detracted from it for me a bit was the "your friends are almost a exact duplicate of my ancient friends bit" Broke Suspension a bit, would be better to leave out the physical and pose silimarities and just remark on how much her current group of friends reminds her of her first friends.

That is a minor quibble however, great work :twilightsmile:

Edit: Thinking about it a little more, probably the best way of comparing waltzes current friends to her past friends would be something along the lines of - "Actually when it comes to your friends I can't think of ponies more physically or temperamentally different than those six mares I met in ponyville, but there is something about how you interact with each other, how you fit together, that reminds me of them more strongly than any other group I can remember"

That ending.

No, she's just not... here. Anymore. :rainbowhuh:


People using there Faves list like me as an update tracker?

"Calming Waltz"

Oh, my. :rainbowderp: I feel like I have to read this now.

HAHAHAHAHA dat ending...

Nah. Twilight alludes that she had an encounter of some kind, so I'm going to assume she encountered the light barrier. You know, like the sound barrier.

She went faster than light, and due to relativistic effects she has perceived the last 2-3 million years as a couple of seconds. She's on a elliptical track, and will probably be back in a million years or so. Twilight's crafted a spell to stop her safely when she passes her starting point.

I fucking love it. words cannot describe right now how much I want to hug you and pet you and call you George. *ahem*, sorry about that. but still, fucking amazing story. I want MOAR!

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